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Advantages of Converting my AutoCAD drawings into a BIM model

Compared to a traditional construction process, BIM could benefit constructors in many ways by simplifying estimating tasks, by enhancing value engineering, identifying conflicts, facilitating communication between team members and scheduling tasks. It is also reducing change orders or RFIs. And these result in increased efficiencies decreased waste that ultimately for contractors and their subs lead to greater profit.

The benefits of BIM for constructors in each of the four stages of a typical construction project are: winning the bid, pre-construction, coordination, and execution. So, in terms of winning the bid, the ability to participate in the bidding process itself is a differentiator. That’s because only about 25 percent of the construction market has even begun to implement any level of BIM awareness into their projects, according to a report from Mcgraw-hill construction. So you want to be part of that group. Besides to be a differentiator, BIM applications can help contractors win bids by simplifying conceptual modeling. Cost estimating and visualization tasks can be extremely time-consuming with the AutoCAD process.

In terms of pre-construction tasks such as constructability analyzes and value engineering, this would be greatly enhanced with BIM data. For example, BIM tools can determine if the site isn’t large enough to allow for concurrent schedule task to take place. Once the pre-construction tasks have been worked out, often the next step is coordination. This is an extremely time-consuming and very error-prone process in AutoCAD. Such are the risks BIM solutions can significantly automate through various tools.

Execution tasks such as the construction BIM data can help itself and verification through assisting in visualizing the construction process and through visual simulations of the construction progress itself. BIM tools can quickly and accurately determine the quantities involved in reporting.

We’ve helped many construction companies realize these benefits. To learn more about BIM or the software tools required, please reach out to us at management for more information.

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