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5 Benefits of Using a SolidWorks Drafting Service

Getting some outside help is never a bad thing. When it comes to engineering, do you need an extra set of hands to help out? Instead of hiring a full-time engineer, you can outsource the work.

In this guide, we’ll explain 5 benefits of using a SolidWorks drafting service.

What Is a SolidWorks Drafting Service?

A SolidWorks drafting service is a third-party CAD team that does SolidWorks models and drawings for you. They are an outside company that you would contract to either perform engineering tasks for you or work in junction with your engineers.

CAD drafting services really vary from company to company. Some might offer a range of services from 2D drafting to digitization and 3D plant layouts. Others might focus solely on CAD drawings and simple engineering.

Why You Might Outsource SolidWorks Drawings and Models

Why would you have an outsourced team that handles your SolidWorks drawings and models? There are a number of reasons.

First off, you might not have enough engineers to do the work yourself. We’ve worked with companies that had one or two engineers, yet they were still able to pull off massive engineering projects. How? Through our services.

In addition, you might bring in an outsource CAD team if you need an extra boost in engineering production. Maybe you have a full in-house engineering team, but you don’t have enough hours in the day to handle the new demand for projects. The outsourced team would step in and help.

Finally, you might have engineering and drafting tasks that you’ve been putting off that need help. For instance, maybe you have a backroom full of hand-drawn engineering drawings that you need to digitize and make into 3D SolidWorks models. This is another great reason to bring in an outsourced SolidWorks drafting team.

5 Benefits of Using a SolidWorks Drafting Service

If you’re still on the fence, that’s okay. In this section, we’ll discuss 5 of the biggest benefits that our customers see when they use a SolidWorks drafting service. Take a look.

Save Time

The bottom line is that outsourcing your SolidWorks work will save you time. You don’t have to spend the time measuring, drawing, modeling, and dimensioning each piece. Instead, our team can handle it.

This applies to any project — no matter how small or simple the project is, you’ll still save time. As the project gets larger, the time savings becomes more noticeable.

We had a project recently where a company had 100 hand-drawn engineering drawings. We went through and converted all of them to SolidWorks, then made 3D models of each part. If you were to do all of this work in-house with a limited engineering team, how many months would it take?

Since we have access to plenty of highly skilled engineers, it only took us 4 weeks altogether. We could have done it quicker if we assigned even more people to the project.

Free Up Your Engineers

Your engineers probably have a long to-do list. It seems like every few weeks a new project pops up and engineering efforts need to be spread around.
Of course, outsourcing the CAD work will free up your engineers.

With a CAD drafting service taking care of the SolidWorks project, your engineers can do anything else — they can drive further innovation, focus on developing new products, or perform timeline-contingent tasks.

We can also work in junction with your engineering staff through concurrent design. This term means that both of our teams work at the same time on the same project.

While your team works on the confidential work, we can put together all the tertiary models. This allows you to get to final implementation at least two times faster.

Solidworks 3D model of a hand

Get CAD Perfect SolidWorks Parts

There is a big spectrum when it comes to SolidWorks talent. Entry-level designers can certainly use SolidWorks, but they pale in comparison to a seasoned, tenured engineer. With a high-quality SolidWorks drafting service company, there’s a good chance that they have plenty of seasoned designers on their team.

If you choose our team at CAD/CAM Services, for example, you will always get CAD Perfect models. You don’t have to worry about missing dimensions or parts that can’t be manufactured. We’ve worked on millions of drawings over the decades, so we always deliver the best results.

Hiring a full-time engineer that can claim the same would be very expensive. Then, what are you supposed to do when the project slows down? You can’t just fire and re-hire the same employee multiple times. At CAD/CAM Services, our work is finished once the contract ends, so you never have to pay for engineering time that didn’t go to your project.

Boost the Quality of Your Models

You can do some amazing things with the models on SolidWorks. We had a number of customers who wanted high-quality, lifelike renders of new machines within their factory. We took their old models, polished them up, added new material properties, and threw in some professional lighting before making rendered images.

The result? High-quality shots from SolidWorks that looked realistic. One company used our images for their marketing campaign and all of their sales brochures.
Having a high-quality model is more than just a piece of marketing. It gives you more confidence in your 3D assemblies.

Having all of the parts designed, drawn, and modeled with our team means that you get the best model quality possible.

Leverage Industry Experts

After you do something thousands of times, you get a level of expertise that can’t be faked. That’s what happens under our roof at CAD/CAM Services. We’ve been a part of countless projects over the decades, and our team has experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Since we are fully staffed with industry experts, you can get a lot more out of each project. If you have a problem that you don’t know how to solve, there’s a good chance that someone on our team already has the solution. They might have worked on a similar project in the past and used an item or part that will fit your operation perfectly.


Using a drafting service for your SolidWorks project means faster turnarounds, higher quality, and expertise that you won’t find elsewhere. This is why so many people choose CAD/CAM Services for their SolidWorks design projects.

Our team is filled with highly qualified engineers and draftsmen that are here to help. We can take care of a wide range of projects, and we always deliver CAD Perfect models. Get a free quote to get started.

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