Outsourced BIM Modeling, Drafting & Design

BIM ArchitecturalWith precise attention to detail, our BIM services help deliver a final product that is dimensionally accurate and a true BIM model.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) takes the functional and physical characteristics of a facility and turns that into a digital representation.

Our BIM Modeling & Design Services 

With our BIM drafting and model services, we’ll create intelligent BIM objects for building construction and for product manufacturers from existing printed or electronic product data, illustrations, and 2D CAD files.

At CAD/CAM, we are committed to meeting your deadlines affordably. Our wide range of BIM services can help you reduce costs and increase revenue: Since BIM design tools are constantly evolving and improving, call us with your specific project requirements. Your needs can probably be met though not specifically listed.

BIM Design Services

CAD/CAM is one of the leading and most trusted companies offering BIM design for both architectural and engineering companies. We are a qualified BIM Service Provider can offering many different BIM design disciplines to help nearly businesses improve their customer presentations while aiding collaboration between the contractor, specialists, and suppliers, using a single, shared 3D model.

BIM Drafting Services

Our outsourced BIM drafting services help you complete your project on time. At CAD / CAM SERVICES offer both 2D and 3D BIM drafting services to meet your needs.

BIM Modeling Services

CAD/CAM provides quality modeling services to Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, and Developers. When you outsource BIM modeling to us, our team understands the specific requirements and specifications needed to get the job done to your standards.

Want to learn more about how BIM can help? Contact us today and see how our BIM modeling services work.

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