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One of 1,000,000 (yes million) CAD files we produced for

Preliminary to Amazon’s Phase 1 roll-out of a parts catalog in Amazon Supply, they needed to have 3D CAD images and files for more than 150,000 products — some with as many as 9 different file variations. The problem was how to get 1 M parts files accurately converted and ready to put online by the roll-out date.



CAD Perfect Conversion® of Coal Mine Maps

Coal MineKelly Surveying works hard to provide miners with accurate survey information for their mining projects. One of the more complex processes requires Kelly Surveying to bring information from old paper mining maps into their modern AutoCAD system. Many of these maps are torn, stained, discolored and hard to read. They have to be accurately scanned, cleaned up, and then converted from scanned raster drawings into vector drawings that can be manipulated in AutoCAD.


High Accuracy Conversion of Mylar Drawings for Tinker AFB

 Conversion of Mylar Drawings

We scanned J size Mylars to produce files accurate to +-.005″

The time required for the engineering data repository to provide a needed stable-based engineering data drawing (known as Mylar’s) to a customer could be as much as 7 – 15 days. In urgent situations, this created unacceptable delays in customer processes required for essential maintenance of affected weapon systems.

WiseImage Pro Saves Time

WiseImageRecently, Syncroness was enlisted by Lockheed Martin to convert thousands of 1950’s era drawings into ProEngineer. The drawings were scanned into pdf format. Syncroness needed to convert the raster data into vector data so that the drawings could be brought into ProE. Because of the magnitude of the job, Syncroness began looking for a way to automate the conversion process.

Fast Engineering Changes with WiseImage

WiseImage for AutoCADA small electrical installation company with 20 employees, needed to find a better, faster, less expensive way to create fitting instructions for electric outlets, electric wiring and alarm systems on existing drawings.

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