CAD / CAM Services Case Studies

This is a selection of case studies from projects we’ve done with our clients. Our professional CAD engineers can help you with a full range of CAD services. Whether it is product design or CAD drafting services – all CAD files provided by us are CAD Perfect.

Here’s What We Did for

Preliminary to Amazon’s Phase 1 roll-out of a parts catalog in Amazon Supply, they needed to have 3D CAD images and files for more than 150,000 products — some with as many as 9 different file variations. The problem was how to get 1 M parts files accurately converted and ready to put online by the roll-out date.

Reverse Engineering

Sometimes due to the unavailability of spare parts, you have to make them yourself. This is the story of how we helped our client to recreate missing part with a full range of CAD design services: from CT scanning (due to complicated geometry) to preparing CNC machine files.

Changing Focus CAD

Despite being relatively old industry, CAD software is still rapidly developing. This makes manufacturers change their focus CAD software. The migration process can be very time consuming, especially when you have your standards. We have proven that we can make our models compliant with any standard given.

Why Scanning Quality is Very Important

Bad model with holes

Poorly scanned model

Though 3D scans post-processing is more time and resource-consuming, it is impossible to recreate an original design from poor quality scans.

Sometimes it is more cost-effective to rescan your parts with experts to achieve your goals faster.


Parametric Modeling Services for Golf

Even traditional sports with a long history can benefit from modern CAD technologies. New things can be created without breaking old rules. Parametric modeling helped us to create new putter head designs.

Figure 2: CAD Flow Simulation of the Channel

Bringing Life into the Old Piping Project

This is the story of how we recreated the piping system from old yellow drawings with 3D modeling and even made liquid run through it. This project involved a full range of services: digitizing old paper drawings, creation of 3D CAD models, and running simulations, helping to understand the flow behavior.

High Accuracy Conversion of Mylar Drawings – Tinker AFB

 Conversion of Mylar DrawingsFor Tinker Air Force base, we scanned J size Mylars that were accurate to +-.005″. Their typical time required for the engineering data repository to provide a needed stable-based engineering data drawing (known as Mylar’s) to a customer was as much as 7 – 15 days.

In urgent situations, this created unacceptable delays in customer processes required for essential maintenance of affected weapon systems, so we got them done fast.

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