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Wise Mechanical 4

  • More power and more usability
  • Industry accepted parametric design MCAD application now available worldwide
  • The opportunity to completely immerse oneself in the creative process and make unique designs are now effortlessly provided to the professional engineer with the latest version of WiseMechanical

What is WiseMechanical?

WiseMechanical is a standalone 2D drafting and design application with a large library of standard parts and tools for automating design tasks and for mechanical drawings creation. Based on industry accepted parametric design engine WiseMechanical offers automation of routine work while strictly adhering to corporate and market standards; leaving the design engineers to concentrate on the creative part of new designs and solutions. In the heart of WiseMechanical is an updated CAD platform fully compatible with AutoCAD 2012 drawing file format. WiseMechanical helps you create excellent designs, reduce errors, and save time.

Who Uses WiseMechanical?

WiseMechanical is developed especially for mechanical engineers, drafters, and designers, providing them with opportunities in the field of automation of design and construction work in various areas of the manufacturing industry. When designers create mechanical designs using WiseMechanical, they avoid tedious routines and repetitive manual work normally required to get the job done. WiseMechanical helps designers accelerate the design, decrease development time and deliver their products to market – faster!

Increase Your Productivity with WiseMechanical!

Save time with a comprehensive user-expandable library of mechanical parts (gearboxes, shafts, pneumatics and hydraulics pipes etc.) with embedded parametric links supporting international drafting standards (ISO, DIN, and others). WiseMechanical provides a powerful tool that automatically changes all linked parts if you change one of them; this improves the quality of the mechanical drafting process. WiseMechanical provides automatic connection of fittings with pipeline elements. Element size and placement coordinates are automatically detected. The software enables you to create Fastening and Rivet connections with minimum effort and in time. Even more, WiseMechanical enables you to perform all engineering calculations quickly and easily. Plus, there is a number of drawing design symbols (leaders, surface textures, tolerances, dimensions, views, sections, welding and etc.) for all practical tasks and purposes. In addition, drafting tools include automated generation of the Part list, with flexible and intuitive control of structure and content.New in WiseMechanical

The main advance in WiseMechanical is a greatly improved CAD platform. Now the CAD platform of WiseMechanical includes all “must-have” commands of contemporary CAD software plus some serious extras.

Special Improvements

  1. Extended list of supported standards. It now includes: ISO, GOST (Russia), GB (Great Britain), IS (India), NF (France)
  2. IS (Indian Standard) library was added to over 150 parts
  3. Tables functionality was greatly improved with over 20 new operations and functions
  4. Improved Dimension group editing.
  5. Work process for holes was redesigned. It includes nearly 20 new or changed operations and functions

WiseMechanical Features

  • Parametric design and drafting
  • User-expandable parametric Parts Library tailored to the local standards
  • Combined methods of engineering calculation with the immediate representation of the results on the drawing
  • Special design tools for Shafts and Gearing design, Piping and pneumatics design
  • Simple creation and modification of the elements used in mechanical engineering drawing (Formats; Part List; Tables; Leaders; Construction lines; Technology labeling and more)
  • Customizable engineering calculations with Calculation manager and Report generator
  • Easy design data and drawing exchange with partners and customers using AutoCAD 2012 compatible DWG/DXF reading and writing directly in WiseMechanical.

How do Intelligent Parts Work?

During daily workflow, designers can face errors and mismatches. This can be prevented by using the library of intelligent parts with embedded parametric links. WiseMechanical provides a  powerful tool that automatically changes all linked parts if you change one of them; this improves the quality of the mechanical drafting process. New parameters take values conforming to the standards; this simplifies the workflow and saves endless hours of rework.

Automate All Calculations!

calculations quickly and easily. Take full advantage of using such unique tools as Cylindrical and Conic Gears parameter calculation; Shafts and Bearing Assemblies calculation; Fasteners and Spring calculation; Static Beam calculation. WiseMechanical was developed to fulfill very demanding requirements so your company will excel effortlessly.

Be Creative – Use WiseMechanical!

One designer explains, “I have tried the application for pneumatics schematics as well as machine construction – it feels “fresh” and you will be productive quickly. WiseMechanical is easy to use and I can concentrate on constructing, not looking for symbols.”CAD / CAM Services is one of the largest providers of CAD / CAM conversion software and services in the USA. We are experienced users of WiseMechanical, as well as all of the other software products that we sell. We invite you to contact us for expert information and competitive pricing on WiseMechanical and, don’t forget… we’ll also do your conversions for you!