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  • The Ultimate Image and Vector Processing Tool
  • Automatic R2V and V2R Conversion
  • Look and Feel of a 2D CAD Application
  • Autodesk DWG 2013 Support
  • ABBYY FineReader 10 in Pro Version
  • Intelligent Raster Selection and Editing
  • Open Architecture with COM Interface
  • Batch Processing Advanced PDF Engine

What is WiseImage?

WiseImage is a new generation of 2D stand-alone application for raster editing, raster-to-vector conversion, and drawing revision. WiseImage enables you to make quick changes, editing, correction or automatic and semi-automatic raster to vector conversation of technical drawings, scanned maps, plans, drafts, sketches and other graphics. It blends raster and vector CAD functionality and image processing capabilities perfectly – everything in a single cost-effective application.

Who Needs WiseImage?

WiseImage is the solution for everybody who focuses not only on the new design but also on restoration, updating and drawing revision. For them, WiseImage is a better CAD than your favorite CAD. This makes WiseImage a one-stop-solution for a wide range of applications – GIS, cadastral, aerial and satellite image processing, architecture, engineering, schematics to mention but a few.

WiseImage Features

Native CAD-style interface with the command line and layouts with viewports, combined with high-end image processing, results in a strong synergetic effect! WiseImage works with 2010 DWG files exactly as a CAD application and processes raster files as the best image processing application. It looks like CAD as its Workspaces include Drawing Layouts and Viewports. Dimension and line Styles, Hatch types and User Coordinate Systems, everything are very common to CAD user. The other side of WiseImage is a set of premium raster tools to process scanned drawings, satellite imagery or other raster graphics. Also, the crossroad of raster and vector graphics is the WiseImage capabilities to work with raster and vectors together as if it is the single vector drawing.

What are Wiselmage’s Benefits?

WiseImage provides the most advanced solution for raster, vector and raster-to-vector conversion of raster images on the market. With the powerful suite of tools of WiseImage, you can edit scanned drawings and maps easily. WiseImage allows you to save redrafting time and boost up your productivity.

One Step from Scanner to CAD

Large format scanners produce high-quality black and white. grayscale, or color raster images. To effectively transfer scanned drawings to CAD, efficient post-processing software is necessary: the ideal solution is WiseImage. Built-in is a high-end scanning module called WiseScan with native support for most wide-format scanners. Image cleanup, correction, calibration, bit-depth reduction and raster-to-vector conversion with WiseImage eliminate repetitive and time-consuming manual procedures.

High-Quality Image Processing with Precision

Exact calibration is essential when processing scanned drawings. WiseImage offers multiple options for selecting the most suitable method, importing coordinate values or assigning point positions manually. High-quality transformation algorithms provide very accurate results.

Full-color Images are huge so it is vital to minimize image file sizes. WiseImage can do this without any loss of information. Colored areas can be combined according to color similarities or by referring to their distribution frequencies. With the help of this technology, the number of colors in an image can be reduced from millions to tens.

In WiseImage it is possible to crop. change resolution, scale, deskew. and calibrate color and grayscale raster images. It is possible to change brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation and adjust the color gamut, improve image quality and apply color filters. Users can easily manage the colors of the image and create/edit LUT files. It is easy to edit, construct or add Information to these images, even rasterizing vectors to generate raster file as often required for compliance purposes. Merging monochrome and color images is also a one-click task.


Intelligent Raster Objects and Tracing

WiseImage offers several advanced options for working with taster and vector data. One such is the unique technology to select raster objects or separate them into layers. This feature is based on the intelligent selections and the smart Wise Object (text, hatches, and lines) selection. WiseImage has an advanced tracing function (semi-automatic – interactive raster to vector conversion) for color, grayscale or monochrome images. In addition to easily detailed objects tracing in WiseImage, it is possible to trace raster shapes that correspond with vector templates. Select a raster shape and WiseImage will automatically match it to the appropriate vector object from a default Symbol Library or a customized library created to match user requirements. The polyline tracing feature includes auto-detection of tracing direction.

Print Setup and Layout

WiseImage for CAD and GIS Users

WiseImage is fully featured with all typical 2D CAD tools. It has an advanced Viewports, Layouts and Layers support Its vector drawing and editing capabilities are comparable to any industry-standard 2D CAD package. Vector objects (Text. Dimensions) have associated Styles similar to e.g. AutoCAD. WiseImage can read and write most popular CAD and GIS formats. The data exchange capability of WiseImage makes for a smooth transition from a CAD or GIS data digitizing application to WiseImage.

CAD Drafting Tools

‘Pro’ Means Professional

Automatic Raster-to-Vector Conversion. The professional version of WiseImage is WiseImage Pro. It features an automatic conversion of scanned drawings to CAD files, one-by-one or in batch mode – even overnight. Conversion after fine-tuning of the template parameters with the built-in preview allows for very precise results. Templates can be named, saved and called as required. The result of a vectorization will include vector graphics and text. OCR is provided by the world leading Fine Reader OCR Engine 9.0.

Vector Enhancement Tools. WiseImage Pro has a comprehensive set of tuning tools for the auto-correction of vectors obtained as a result of a raster-to-vector conversion, such as merging a group of vectors to an object of a given type (e.g. some segments to an arc or circle), trimming, extending and more.

Open Architecture. The COM interface, as well as built-in script editor, opens new horizons for 3rd-party developers. There is no other CAD software with raster processing and R2V functionality offering an open programming interface.

Viewport with Polyline Contour

Color Raster-to-Vector Conversion

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