EasyTom CT Scanner

CT Scanner with Ultra 3D Accuracy CT Scanner with Ultra 3D Accuracy and Resolution for Large Volume Inspection

The EasyTom 130 & 150 Micro CT Scanners are x-rayed inspection machines with computed tomography (CT) allowing collection of complex internal and external geometry. The EasyTom 3D CT micro and nanotomography feature high-resolution digital radioscopy, versatility for a wide variety of applications, 6 motion axis, and large volume inspection.

The EasyTom Computed Tomography Scanner’s benefits include:

  • Great solution for verifying structure of 3D printed metal parts
  • 3D micro and nano tomography system
  • Real time high resolution digital radioscopy
  • High accuracy motorized rotation and translation axis
  • 0.25 to 250 µm/voxel resolution
  • Full inspection of large size samples
  • Modular and nano-resolution capability

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