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Price and Purchase Contex HD Ultra 3610, 3630, 4210, 4230, 3650+, 3690i+, 4250+ and 4290i+ large format scanners now or call us at 1-800-938-SCAN or email us at [email protected] for additional information.

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Superior Technology for Your Large-Format

Capture every detail of maps, drawings, posters or fine art Contex HD Ultra 3610, HD Ultra 3630, HD Ultra 4210, HD Ultra 4230, HD Ultra 3650+, HD Ultra 36

90i+, HD Ultra 4250+ and HD Ultra 4290i+ Scanners

When it comes to wide format scanners, it’s the details that make the difference. With the productivity-boosting operation, superior image quality,

Superior Technology for Your Large-Formatand the ability to handle any job effortlessly, the HD Ultra gets every detail right. It comes in two models: the HD Ultra Professional for high-volume, high-productivity work, and the HD Ultra Office for occasional scanning. A space-saving MFP version is also available.

Doubling the speed and resolution of earlier top-end solutions, the HD Ultra Professional is quite simply the best wide format scanner available. We designed it in detail to meet the needs of businesses, reprographics departments and other organizations that scan high volumes of wide format documents and demand ultimate quality.

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Designed to meet all possible scanning needs, the award-winning HD Ultra Scanner is simply the best large format scanner available.

Scan your documents three times faster and enhance the file in AutoCAD, ESRI, and other document workflows

The new HD Ultra delivers the best quality image in the world today. No matter whether you scan maps, drawings, posters or fine art, you’ll always capture every detail, on the first try. Designed to meet the needs of technical experts, graphics professionals and reprographics departments, the new HD Ultra is simply the best large format scanner available.Choose between 36 or 42 inches width, each in three different configurations to fit your needs for productivity and image quality. A space-saving MFP version is also available.

The ultimate standard for your digitizing needs

With Contex-enhanced CCD imaging, archiving and productivity-boosting features, you get best-in-class image quality and the fastest and most efficient way to scan, copy, file, and archive-wide format images, drawings, documents, and records.

Accelerates workflows

The new HD Ultra is built for productivity, and the key to productivity for high-volume applications is speed. Not just “inches per second” but actual throughput. Able to scan three times as many documents in a day as any other scanner and designed to improve document management, the new HD Ultra is all about helping you win projects, boost productivity and lower costs.

Fits in your digital workflow

Compatible with AutoCAD®, ESRI® and other software and printers like HP, Canon, Epson etc., the new HD Ultra is astonishingly versatile. Automated paper thickness control, intelligent document size detection, and the ability to handle challenging documents effortlessly mean you can just keep scanning, boosting productivity, winning new business, and ensuring a fast return on your investment.

MFP Version Available

Our multifunction high-stand option for the new HD Ultra turns your large-format printer into a high-quality copier while saving space.

CAD CAM Services is an authorized reseller and parts/repair center for the Contex HD Ultra and all Contex scanners. As the preeminent Contex reseller in the United States, we’re uniquely positioned to offer you expert scanning advice and best pricing options. Get started scanning today!

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What You Get

  • Preferred customer status – your job goes to the front of the line for super-fast conversion service
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  • 24/7 availability
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Price and Purchase Contex HD Ultra large format scanners now or call us at 1-800-938-SCAN or email us at [email protected] for additional information.

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