HD Ultra X 4290 ScanStation PRO

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Contex Scanner Special



42″ CCD color scanner, 17.8 ips mono and 17.8 ips color, optical resolution 1200 dpi,
maximum resolution 9600 dpi, supports USB 3.0.

Includes High or Low ScanStation PRO stand with multi-touch 21.5” monitor, keyboard tray, document basket and Nextimage 5 Repro software.


Key Features:

  • Contex CCD scanners use premium Fujifilm lenses to bring you high-resolution images in the best quality available on the market today.
  • Save valuable time with the ability to start scanning without the warm-up time.
  • You don’t need to tell the scanner what to do. It detects the width without your help.
  • With Optimised Thickness Adjustment Control, you can easily adjust the scanner to the originals just before scanning.
  • Three different speed levels at your fingertips on the touch panel makes it easy to adapt the scanner to your workflow and the original´s requirements.



Ordering the HD Ultra X 4290 from CAD/CAM

CAM Services is an authorized reseller and parts/repair center for the HD Ultra X 4290 ScanStation PRO and all Contex scanners. As the preeminent Contex reseller in the United States, we’re uniquely positioned to offer you expert scanning advice and best pricing options. Get started scanning today!

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What You Get

  • Preferred customer status – your job goes to the front of the line for super-fast conversion service
  • One free conversion for every twelve that you pay for at regular price – a “Baker’s Dozen” to save you money all year long.
  • Private and protected log-in at our CAD CAM R2V site where you can automatically upload your files and download the converted project to save you time.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Price and Purchase the HD Ultra X 4290 ScanStation PRO scanner now or call us at 1-800-938-SCAN or email us at [email protected] for additional information.

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