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Contex Product Launch

Dear Customer,

We are happy to introduce new Nextimage4 edition, the new ScanStation2GO solution and our updated HD ScanStation Repro, now including the powerful HD 5450 PLUS.


With Nextimage4 your customers will be able to scan, enhance and save their originals in a single flow. No rescanning needed.
We call it SnapScan: Scan - Enhance - Save.

Please observe that Nextimage4 is an entirely new edition which requires a new license key. Upgrade from previous versions is not possible.

Read the Nextimage4 Data Sheet.

HD ScanStation Repro

With the introduction of the HD ScanStation Repro earlier this summer, we secured a very important positioning of our high-end scanners to address the high-productivity segment with a need for top quality and best ergonomic conditions. We have now included the HD 5450 PLUS into this solution to meet "Magnum documents" needs.


The same need for top ergonomic conditions - with the choice of height settings and operating the monitor from the left or the right - would also appeal to customers with a desire for a very easy and convenient solution, so we invented the ScanStation2GO.

Height adjustable stand
Designed for optimal ergonomic working environment, our new height adjustable "low stand" of 3 positions will fit all our HD Ultra and IQ scanners as well as the HD 5450. We have revised all respective datasheets accordingly.

Updated MFP Solutions
For your best ergonomy, both the MFP Repro and the MFP2GO now offer the choice of operating the touch screen from left or right side.

With the HD ScanStation Repro we believe we meet the high-productivity users which is why we have taken out the HD Ultra from our MFP solutions. (If you meet the need for an MFP with HD Ultra, however, kindly contact your local distributor for an add-on kit).

Make your website ready for business
The Contex website is already now public with the new solutions. Make your own website ready for business, and benefit from a row of materials from our Partner Site.

Translated datasheets
The new ScanStation datasheets as well as the new HD iFLEX flatbed scanner (see recent newsletter) have been translated into German, French, Spanish, Polish and Russian languages - as well as Japanese and Chinese. The language versions have been uploaded to our Partner Site. Portuguese (BR) version coming soon.

Place your orders now with your local distributor, and get first in line for shipment.

Best regards,
Contex Americas
Steve Blanken, General Manager

5 Solution Types

The new Contex portfolio will go in various directions to match the customer needs for high productivity, where the scanner is a key player - or occasional usage where a scanner is a convenience solution.

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