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Case Studies

Case Study: Part Catalog for Amazon

Every company has stories that are considered important in their professional history. In our case, Amazon hired us for one of the largest single CAD conversion products that our industry has ever undertaken.

February 15, 2016, Celina, TX…CAD/CAM Services, Inc., a 30-year-old CAD Conversion
Company in Celina, TX announced today that a new CAD milestone has been achieved, by producing over one thousand 3D CAD files per day. CAD/CAM Services provided over one thousand 2D and 3D CAD models that we converted from 2D scan images and Excel spreadsheets. This goal has been achieved in response to a customer request to convert over 350,000 parts drawings into 2D and 3D CAD models.

The Client:

Amazon, that’s it.

The Task:

different threads
Comparison of different thread representation


The goal was to create a wide variety of renders for the Amazon part catalog. With parts like screws that are contained in various CAD software libraries, this task may seem relatively simple. However, Amazon didn’t want to go with the simple representation of such parts in their shop. Of course, it is impossible to make good photos of over 350,000 of different small parts in a reasonable time. So the goal was to make the renders as close to original as possible.


The Solution:

To start, our specialists had to make parametric representations of every distinguishable feature in target parts. The idea was to give the threads a realistic look and make realistic heads, including ones that were not even present in any standard libraries.

pin-in-star head
CAD/CAM made representation of pin-in-star screw head


The Result:

CAD/CAM Services managed to fulfill task in requested time. Amazon was presented with various representations and chose the ones which best fitted to provide the best experience for the Amazon customers.

You can find more details in our Amazon – CAD CAM 1000 Conversions Daily white paper.

Thanks for all your help in ramping up the project from the very


beginning. It was a great collaboration and I hope the relationship continues to thrive.

Jason Hein – Senior Program Manager – Content Amazon Supply / – Industrial & Scientific