Dassault Systemes’, the pioneers of developing SolidWorks, designed the advanced CAD software Computer-Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application (CATIA). As a provider of CATIA CAD services, we have learned that communicating with other departments like manufacturing, quality check, production, and other non-technical departments is very important, because 3D designs are not always compatible with other users’ systems and software. Thus, a basic drawing needs to be presented to enable all users/departments to be on the same page – CATIA successfully serves the purpose of drafting those drawings.

Why Use CATIA?

CATIA is also widely used for Blueprint for reverse engineering projects. It is a commercial CAD software used for physical modeling in various industries, including mechanics and aerospace. However, the usage is not limited; CAD designers are also using the latest CATIA V5 for drafting architectural masterpieces.

CATIA is the leading product development solution for all industrial organizations, OEMs, supply chains, and small, independent producers. It is the only solution that can handle the entire product development process from product concept definition to product serving in a fully integrated and associative way.

Based on an open and scalable architecture, it facilitates the design of genuine co-operation in a wider multidisciplinary enterprise, including design and drafting, mechanical design and hardware as well as system design including digital model management, machining, analysis, and simulation. When giving businesses re-use product design skills and accelerating development cycles, CATIA drafting helps companies accelerate their responses to market needs.

Industries Using CATIA

CATIA drafting is being put to use in different sectors around the world. Some of these industries are; Aeronautics, home appliances, architecture, automotive, construction, consumer goods, electronics, medical equipment, furniture, machinery, die and molds, and shipbuilding.

Also, as a significant achievement, CATIA played an important role in the design of NASA Space Station. The military, in collaboration with other private institutions, uses CATIA to design jet fighter planes, aircrafts, helicopters, tanks, and other various forms of weapons.

In addition to the state-of-the-art CAD packages that provide geometric modeling capabilities for design-focused businesses, CATIA drafting offers keys to product lifecycle management (PLM) for process-based companies:

  • CATIA is all about product design. From the oldest product concept to production tools, their simultaneous design and design environments create value by allowing companies to create and market products.
  • CATIA’s unprecedented process coverage combined with the initial involvement of all of its applications will allow CATIA customers to shorten the time to market.
  • CATIA’s integrated analysis, simulation, synthesis, and optimization applications enable product technology validation at all stages of design to ensure product quality and market acceptance.


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