Finding the right CAD program is the first step to making professional drawings. With so many on the market, it might be hard to pick just one CAD program. Many companies choose CATIA V5 for their CAD drafting to save time and money.

In this quick guide, we’ll give some background about CATIA V5 CAD drafting. You will get a better picture of what it is and why it’s great.

What Is CATIA V5?

CATIA V5 is a CAD program made from the same company that put together SolidWorks. CATIA is more common with 2D drafting and design, whereas SolidWorks focuses on 3D modeling.

There is a CATIA V6 on the market, but it requires some incredible computer processing power and a more expensive license, so most people stick with CATIA V5. It’s worth noting that CATIA V5 is a great 2D CAD program, and it often has more than enough functionality for an engineering department.

Who Is Using CATIA V5?

Who is CATIA V5 for? In our experience, almost any industry has a use for CATIA V5. It makes it easy to put together 2D drawings or simple 3D models. You can use it for drafting architectural drawings or running simulations on your modeled parts.

We’ve worked with companies in aerospace, defense, automotive, logistics, and robotics who use CATIA V5 and really like it.

Reasons to Use CATIA V5 CAD Drafting

There are a lot of reasons to use CATIA V5 for your CAD drafting projects.

For one, CATIA V5 is easy to learn. The user interface (UI) is simple, and each button will tell you what it does and what to click. For beginner CAD users, CATIA is a great place to start.

CATIA V5 is also great for collaborating. Putting together a drawing and sharing it with your teammates is simple. It allows you to import and export different drawing file types, and you can track changes easily.

Engineering companies like CATIA V5 because the 2D drafting features are simple. You can create 2D layouts and manufacturing drawings simply. It gets even easier if you start with a 3D model.

The bottom line? CATIA V5 focuses on delivering simple, versatile solutions. It’s one of the more expensive CAD programs on the market, but a lot of companies think it’s worth it.


If you want to learn more about CATIA V5, you should get a license and try out the software. Unfortunately, the software costs thousands every year. A less expensive and quicker option is to outsource your work.

If you want to outsource CATIA V5 CAD work, trust CAD/CAM Services. We’ve been in business for decades, and we’ve created millions of drawings for countless customers.

We can handle 3D scanning, 2D CAD conversions, and full 3D assembly modeling. Get your quote today.

This article was last Updated on September 6, 2023

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