Contex’s HD Ultra Professional Large Format Scanners are designed for high-volume, high-productivity work. The HD Professional models are ideal for scanning service bureaus, copy shops or internal reprographics departments that demand productivity, image quality, versatility and accelerated workflows.  We think the HD Ultra Professional Scanners offer a best-in-class
image quality and a fastest and efficient way to scan, copy, file and archive-wide format images, drawings, documents, and records.

The performance of the HD Ultra Professional accelerates workflows with inch per second speed an actual throughput.  In our tests, the HD Ultra Professional was able to scan twice as many documents in a day as other scanners.  We think the HD Ultra Professional is designed to improve document management, help win projects, boost productivity and lower costs.

The Contex-enhanced CCD imaging in the HD Ultra for professional use delivers what we think is the best image quality on the market. No matter whether we scanned maps, drawings, posters or fine art, we were able to capture the detail, automatically on the first try.Models

The HD Ultra Professional is compatible with other software and printers and
is fully upgradable. It has automated paper thickness control, intelligent document size detection, and the ability to handle deteriorated, wrinkled or ragged documents without a lot of additional effort.  This alone helps boost productivity.

Models include the HD Ultra 3690i+, HD Ultra 4250+ and HD Ultra 4290i+.

These 36” and 42” models offer 1200 dpi resolution; 4 or 6 ips in color, 12 ips in mono; scanning speed up to 624 D-size docs pr. an hour in color; and, USB2.0 with xDTR and Gigabit Ethernet (6ips models).

Watch for future blog posts on the individual models.




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