When it comes to learning the science of CATIA Drafting standards they are not that difficult provided you are well acquainted with them

CATIA Drafting and by associated CATIA’s (sometimes obtuse) drafting standards are not partially difficult, provided you know how to go about doing it, that is.

When various CATIA users basically go ahead and modify the myriad different properties of any particular element in the (highly) Interactive (CATIA) Drafting workbench, then these self-same modifications will only be applied to that selected element, in the drawing that has currently been selected. In this case, the standard files will let the software administrators set the individual properties of any specific element so that the same can and will (probably) be applied to any and all of the elements of the same type in a drawing, as well as in all drawings which use a given standard.

Here, a standard file may be described as an XML file, that makes it possible to no customize it anywhere, for a CAT-Drawing, as well as both the appearance and also the behavior of drafting elements.

With such standard files, the administrators can easily:

  • With such standard styles that will be used as default values when creating new elements, i.e.:
    • define geometry styles
    • define sheet styles
    • define annotation styles
    • define callout styles
    • define both dresses up as well as dress up symbol styles too
    • define dimension styles

Apart from that, they can also be used to set up set standard parameters, such as the following:

  • control the user interface, with general parameters to restrict the values of some element properties
  • customize dimensions
  • customize annotations
  • customize line thickness
  • control pre-defined formats for tolerance and dimension values
  • customize dress-up elements
  • customize fixed-size frames
  • define new dimension tolerance formats
  • define new dimension value formats
  • control various view generation parameters
  • customize patterns

Here, the key thing to understand is that once it has been defined, the format is subsequently applied to elements as a sort of property. Apart from that, the format of the standard file itself has been changed from V5 R9 onwards.

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