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Benefits of Outsourcing Hybrid Design in CATIA V5

We hear a lot of complaints about CATIA V5 and how hard it is to use for larger projects. We’ve noticed that it gets a lot easier as you get more experience, but it takes a lot of time to achieve that. For that reason, plenty of people turn to our team to outsource their hybrid design in CATIA V5.

In this guide, we’ll explain the benefits of doing this. You’ll learn more about hybrid design, and why an outsourced engineering team is likely right for you.

What Is a Hybrid Design in CATIA V5?

A hybrid design in CATIA V5 combines features under the same PartBody and makes a sequential specification tree. That means that editing Sketch 1 does not allow you to pull references from Sketch 2 or later — everything is linear.

A hybrid design in CATIA V5 is automatically enabled every time you start a part, so you’re likely used to it already.

With a hybrid design, all of your sketches and pads and features will appear under the same PartBody. If you disable this feature and make a non-hybrid drawing, then the same features will be split between the PartBody and Geometrical Sets.

When you outsource your engineering projects, the team might ask for your preference between these two options.

What Is Outsourced Engineering?

Outsourced engineering is when you pay an outside company to handle your engineering efforts on a project. It’s more popular than ever now. It’s just a matter of finding the right outsourced engineering team.

You would decide how much or how little work on the project you would like the third-party company to take care of. Some of our customers only have one or two engineers in-house, and all the other engineering projects are done by us.

The beauty of a high-quality outsourced engineering team is that we can handle your hybrid design in CATIA V5 easily.

Benefits of Outsourcing Hybrid Design in CATIA V5

When you outsource a CATIA V5 engineering project to us, you have a lot to benefit from. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the best reasons why you should outsource your hybrid design in CATIA V5.

Easy Integration

Since we’re creating the CATIA V5 models in a hybrid design, you’ll have an easier time integrating the parts. It’s harder if we deliver STEP files that don’t have a specification tree, or if we model in a program other than CATIA V5.

Since we stick to the program you’re used to, you can bring together all of the parts and create your master assembly model.


Free Up Your Engineers

When your engineers are putting together hybrid models in CATIA V5, they are stuck and can’t work on anything else. We have plenty of customers who outsource their minor engineering work so their in-house engineers can focus on developing and proving out systems elsewhere.

By doing this, you get the same engineering results, but your engineers are free to work on more pressing projects.

Save Time

Arguably the best reason to outsource your engineering work is to save time across the board. Every drawing that we do is one less that you have to do.

Since we already have a ton of experience working with hybrid and non-hybrid CATIA V5 models, there is no learning curve you have to deal with — we’re ready to get to work on the first day of our contract.

We can assign as many engineers to your project as you’d like. With the added manpower, your project can get expedited and finished even quicker.

We pride ourselves on our CAD Perfect results, so you won’t waste time cleaning up or fixing drawings after the fact.

Leverage Industry Experts

Experience in an industry is invaluable, and it’s not something they teach in school. After spending decades creating high-quality hybrid CATIA V5 models, our team has the confidence to tackle any project.

The added bonus is that we can add valuable insight into your project. Maybe there’s an easier way to solve your problem, and maybe one of our engineers worked on a similar project in the past and already knows this.

By having industry experts in your corner, everything gets a little easier.

That’s why our staff is so large and diverse. We have over 100 engineers from a variety of different working backgrounds. The result? A larger knowledge base to pull from, and better results for your project.

Lean on Concurrent Design

Concurrent design is when two parts of the same system are designed separately, at the same time. It’s a technique that Fortune 500 companies use all the time to expedite projects and get quicker results.

When you choose CAD/CAM Services, you are signing up for concurrent design. Your in-house engineers can tackle the more IP-heavy parts of the project while we handle the complicated ancillary parts.

Since both teams are working at the same time, you can finish the project in less than half the time it would otherwise take.

Save Your Budget

In almost every introductory call we make, we discuss three things: headaches, timelines, and budgets. Our goal is to save your budget, protect your timeline, and avoid headaches.

When you outsource your CATIA V5 hybrid design with our team, you don’t have to overpay. Other outsourced engineering companies charge too much and miss deadlines — we refuse to do that.

We’re here to help you, no matter how large or complicated your project is.


As you can see, outsourcing hybrid designs in CATIA V5 is a great way to save money, get the best results, speed up your timeline, and elevate your business.

If you want to get started today, reach out to our professional team at CAD/CAM Services. We are a full-service engineering company that will handle your CATIA V5 projects, and much more. Get a free quote.

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