AutoCAD Services: Drafting, Design, Modeling Conversion

CAD / CAM Services engineers are experts in AutoCAD drafting and design services, and we have been doing AutoCAD conversions since 1988. With our 30+ years of experience, we can handle all types of conversion. This includes Architects, Engineering, Construction (AEC), Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, 5G telecommunications, water projects, and many other industries. For a dependable AutoCAD drafting company, look to CAD / CAM Services.

AutoCAD Modeling Services

CAD / CAM Services CAD specialists provide AutoCAD modeling services using the following AutoCAD software solutions and platforms:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2D Linework.
  • Autodesk AutoCAD 3D Solids.
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D.
  • Autodesk Inventor.
  • Autodesk Navisworks.
  • Autodesk Plant 3D.
  • Autodesk Revit.

AutoCAD Drafting Services

With AutoCAD, we deliver & create customized 2D drawings. Whether you’re drafting drawings for buildings, structures, or products, our AutoCAD drafting services take less time and with greater precision.

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Are you looking for AutoCAD conversion outsourcing? We Provide The Best AutoDesk Design & 3D Scan Services

At CAD/CAM Services, we provide the best AutoCad services from AutoDesk, including design, 3D scan services and more.

Just ask us… we probably have already accomplished your type of project. With our direct relationships with most all of the APDSP (formally IRGA) and ARC (E-ARC) scanning and printing service, we effectively become a local site for your conversion requirements.

Autodesk, the manufacturers of AutoCAD, is the worlds largest computer-aided design (CAD) software company that architects, engineers, and construction professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings. The number two largest CAD company is Dassault, the owners of Catia and Solidworks.

After Autodesk’s AutoCAD release in 1982, it was an immediate hit, mostly because they were the first real PC based CAD system.  Everything else at that time was workstation or mainframe-based, and very expensive.

Autodesk (the parent company of AutoCAD) is moving into the subscription-based model at $ 200 a month or $ 1,600 a year.  It is no longer possible to purchase stand-alone copies of AutoCAD and Autodesk is trying to discontinue all standalone purchases. have been discontinued.

We are:

  • AS9100 certified,
  • ITAR (weapons) certified,
  • Strict followers of the Department of Homeland Security protocols PPD-21 for critical infrastructure water projects.
  • A high-end Autodesk and AutoCAD design and drafting outsourcing agency
  • Certified by the US Department of Defense.
  • Proud to be one of the few CAD companies in the world which can produce CAD drawings that meet the accuracy specification of both the military and the aerospace industry.

Imagine, the problems of converting a 30-year old drawing that is 15′ long (180″ or > 4-meters), and producing a CAD file good to +-.005″ on an X and Y plane?  We have done this for many years. Our AutoCAD drafters

We are not:

  • a fly by night work in our garage firm.
  • trying to do this work on the fly, at nights and on the weekend.
  • experimenting with you on our first-time project.
  • based in India, or China.

Located in the United States. we speak English, we tell you the truth, and the top 200 companies in the US continue to work with us.

Our AutoCAD Clients:CAD/CAM client logos

Cannot afford to gamble with their companies data. Come see why Boeing, Lockheed, GE Avionics, Bollinger Shipyards, Littin-Ingalls shipyards, Volkswagen, Byton Electric Cars, and many, many other firms continue to work with CAD / CAM Services.

For alone, we completed over one million – yes million CAD files. With Amazon, we also set a record converting over 1,000 AutoCAD 3D drawings per day.

AutoCAD Experience

CAD / CAM Services first started selling and using AutoCAD version 1.3 back in 1983.  Back when you could buy AutoCAD on two 5 1/4″ floppies and run this from the original IBM PC with 640k of ram. Today we support AutoCAD 2019, including most of there extensions such as AEC, Revit, Civil 3D, and Inventor.

Support is offered for both AutoCAD web and mobile applications. Our first published article in Catalyst was back in 1985, and in various AutoCAD official blogs.

State of the Art

Today we support both 2D and 3D scanning, using scanners that their accuracy is measured in microns. Over the years, we have pushed AutoCAD software to its very limits. Produced multiple $ 1 million and long term projects and support most major CAD systems.

This includes 2D & 3D drafting – 2D & 3D design, Reverse Engineering, CAD product testing, 3D simulation, and of the 3D scanning of entire plants into 3D Revit BIM files. Recently we have added 3D printing services, along with becoming an authorized dealer for HP Jet Fusion printers. [show a hp 3D printer]

Our first Raster to Vector (R2V) system was GTX (of software running on a proprietary Unix Operating System and hardware. Our first paper scanner was the old 500 lb Scan-Optics scanner that was about 4′ high and 6′ wide.

Even back then we were successfully converting scanned pixels (scanned images) into valid AutoCAD *.dwg files.

This was back in 1985!  Today some of our projects include complex wing designs on the Boeing 777-6, 777-8, and 777-9, Rolls Royce and GE jet engines, Bell Helicopters, and Byton autonomous cars. We’ve also worked on almost anything the Air Force has in the air, and many more fun projects.

We provide 3D scanning of factory layouts, mechanical rooms, 5G telecommunications, and some large long-term critical infrastructure water projects. For many times over the years, we are Contex’s largest US dealer. [show the contex 60″ scanner]

Skilled AutoCAD Engineers

There is a very talented and proficient CAD staff of engineers that are employed here, and not oursourced. We are real experts (minimum of 5 years of AutoCAD experience) who are knowledgeable in all these:

  • AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD Lite
  • Fusion 360
  • MicroStation
  • PTC Creo
  • Unigraphics NX
  • Solidworks.

Past projects include Plan &Profiles, PI&D, Geometric Tolerancing, civil designs, sheet metal, mold designs, GIS, BIM and more.

Often we provide effectively full-time AutoCAD CAD engineers to help with drafting and design. It does not matter if you have one drawing you need an AutoCAD file for, need help with a one-time project, or need six additional -experienced- AutoCAD drafters for the next 6-months who can step in on a moments notice.

Many of our customers use Autodesk Vault. CAD / CAM Services has the resources in place today to help. In all cases, we assume an NDA is in place.

Your data security is very important to us, this is also why we have become ITAR and Defense Logistics (DLA) certified.


We are one of the oldest and most experienced CAD Conversion companies in the US. You get a seamless blend with your team for editing and converting anything. Technical drawings, maps, archive drawings, technical documentation, schematic diagrams from raster to different vector formats.

Our company converts raster files and point clouds into nearly any 2D or 3D to format. We appreciate each client we have, and we treat your work as if it is our own… because it is. Our reputation is based on our perfection delivering to you.

There is a reason why we own these trademarks:

CAD Perfect™

CAD Perfect CAD Conversion™

Best of all, CAD / CAM Services offers you a no-hassle guarantee. Once you received any file that we’ve converted. if anything is not to your expectations, we will fix it within 24 hours at no additional cost!

If you are not 100% satisfied with our work, we will refund your money. No hassles, no debates. 100% Customer Satisfaction is and has always been Guaranteed!  When you succeed – we succeed.

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CAD / CAM Services has the experience, perseverance, staff and the resources to make sure you succeed.

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