AutoCAD Services: Drafting, Design, Modeling Conversion

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Autocad was one of the last largest CAD systems to emerge, but Autodesk still has its piece of the market. Popular among architects and structural designers, Autocad is a part of the largest family of CAD-related services developed by Autodesk Inc. based in the United States.

Piping in Cadworx

Piping in Cadworx

At first glance, Autodesk looks humble among other 2D and 3D CAD software. The main reason is that Autodesk tries to develop a separate tool for each task. And it is the architectural tasks that the Autodesk ecosystem handles the best.

We offer the following Autocad CAD Services which can be expanded to all Autodesk products in general:

Cadworx project

Part of the Large Cadworx Project

  • Conversion of paper mediums to Autocad drawings
  • 2D drafting services
  • Autodesk CAD Conversion
  • 3D modeling services
  • DHS Critical Infrastructure
  • BIM and floor plans
  • Cadworks

If you need your local site scanned you can order our services. Equipped with cutting edge Faro scanners, our specialists will create a 3D representation of your real estate. The resulting cloud of points will be used to create actual CAD drawings. 

This is usually done in Autodesk Revit and Recap software packages. And we offer such design services.

So if you have any Autocad, Inventor, Recap or Revit related task you know where you can get help


Catia Logo Best for sheet metal and aerospace, outstanding performance while handling point clouds.


Creo Logo Creo features performance and capabilities while handling large parametric assemblies.


Solidworks Logo Fast, simple and easy-to-use. Perfect choice to develop concept designs and deliver the resulting product to market faster. Although for a serious industrial design we recommend using something else.


NX logo Heavy lifting all-in-one enterprise solution with full product lifecycle management.