About NDT Film Digitizing

NDT Film Digitizing

X-Ray Scan’s NDT Scanning Service provides comprehensive NDT film digitizing equipment sales and service. Our knowledge of film digitizing assures you of the right choice, whether you’re buying equipment and software, or selecting an outsource film digitizing service.

As an industry leader in film digitizing technology and Cloud image storage, sharing and transport, we have the experience of digitizing millions of x-rays and uploading to the Cloud (or saving on CDs if you prefer).

XRayScan.com is a subsidiary of CAD / CAM Services which was founded in 1986, primarily selling high-end CAD systems. In 1988, CAD / CAM Services added scanning & conversion services to its list of hardware and software products.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in providing CAD conversion and film conversion services, we are based in Dallas (Celina), Texas USA. We are a small, woman-owned business and are Dunn & Bradstreet rated. As one of only six (6) firms in the entire US that is qualified and certified for Department of Defense scanning and CAD conversion work, you can be assured on accuracy when we digitize your NDT films. In addition to our scanning technicians, we employ P.E. engineers, architects and CAD technicians with multiple certifications.

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