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Stay on the right side of the Law. Let’s Ensure Your Designs are ITAR Compliant

A frequently asked compliance question by business owners in the aerospace, automotive and engineering industry is; does my business, CAD models and prototypes need to be ITAR registered? The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is responsible for regulating defence-related products, technical data and services. And at CAD / CAM Services, we understand the technical details and procedures to getting your point cloud files and CAD data ITAR compliant.

If you are currently not sure about the status of your CAD files, industrial prototypes and point cloud data, contact us for a quick consultation using our contact forms. We would like you to know that a variety of technical data produced by businesses in the Aerospace, Maritime and Electronics industries need to be ITAR complaint. This means you must assess your technical data and have your business registered before using or sharing them for commercial and domestic purposes.

Consequently, when outsourcing sensitive CAD conversion, 3D modelling or reverse engineering task as a Defence contractor, it is also important that you use an ITAR registered provider. And we are proud to tell you that our business and the services we offer you are all ITAR compliant.

How We Can Help

Under the ITAR article Part 121, Defence contractors or any business that makes use of sensitive defence, arms or militaristic-related data must be ITAR compliant. And if your business’s sensitive 2D or 3D CAD files fall under this category, then you are expected to ensure they are shared with only ITAR registered businesses. CAD / CAM Services are ITAR compliant and we can help you with:

2D to 3D CAD Conversions

Database updates and migrations to new systems always require your CAD files to be in the latest format before the transfer can occur. At CAD / CAM services, we can help you handle the conversion process while ensuring that your files stay ITAR compliant. We make use of ITAR certified tools and applications that ensure the entire CAD conversion process is done internally by our team of experienced engineers. We understand that staying ITAR compliant is important to your business and have the needed resources to keep your files secure.

Reverse Engineering

As a defence contractor or data creator, when you intend to outsource your business’s reverse engineering needs, it is important that you court the services of an ITAR registered business. At CAD / CAM Services, we make use of high-end canning tools such as the Artec 3D scanner to ensure that your project is accurately scanned. We can also do the needed point cloud to 3D CAD conversion if required.

Mylar to 3D CAD Conversion

Our team of experienced engineers can also help you with converting sensitive Mylar drawings to 3D models. Therefore, if you need to convert your sensitive aerospace Mylar drawings to 3D models, we are at your service. Our engineers will also ensure that the end product is accurate and contains all the information contained in the Mylar drawings.

3D CAD Migrations

When thinking of moving sensitive technical CAD data from an old system or a physical folder to a new CAD system, we can be your trusted migration team. CAD / CAM Services consists of professionals who have garnered hands-on CAD migrating experience through 30 years of work in the CAD industry. We are equipped to use the latest Cad applications such as SolidWorks, CATIA, Creo, Revit, Inventor and Unigraphics NX to execute your projects.

ITAR Consulting

If you do not know much about the grey areas and what it takes to become ITAR compliant, we can also help you assess your CAD models or point cloud files to know where your business stands. You can call us on 1-800-938-SCAN and a consultant will be made available to evaluate your needs. As an ITAR registered business, we understand the complexities and what it takes to integrate these regulations in your business.

The Benefits

There are a plethora of benefits that come with outsourcing your CAD conversions, 3D modelling and reverse engineering projects to us. These benefits include the following:

Ensured Discretion

At CAD / CAM Services, we carry out every of our services in-house using our own equipment and certified personnel. This is one method we use in ensuring that the CAD conversion, 3D modelling and other services we provide are safe and secure for our clients. The second method we employ to guide sensitive technical data, is the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements which protects your entire project.

 Competitive Prices

We are committed to providing you with the services you require for your CAD-related projects at affordable prices. Our ITAR registration simply protects you from ITAR compliance-related issues but does not destroy your bottom line.

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