First Article Inspection (FAI) for AS9102
D6-51991 for AS9100D, EN9100:2018 guidelines
and Model Based Definition (MDB) Workflow validation

Do you struggle with providing CAD files that can be approved by

Boeing – Lockheed Martin – General Dynamics – Northrup Grumman – Textron – Raytheon – General
Electric – Schnider Electric – Backer Huges – Litton Ingalls – Electric Boat – Ford Motors – Mercedes –
BMW – Volkswagon – TATA – Thales – Pratt & Whitney – Cisco – National Air Systems or Honda?

Turn to CAD / CAM Services anytime you need to produce official documentation for your Catia/NX/Creo/Solidworks CAD files for both Boeing and Airbus! This is a full Boeing D6-51991 supplier audit approval. Let us help you provide your First Article of Inspection reports.

As a Tier One (1) Supplier, are you required to provide AS9102 reports on each part produced? Do you
need help? How about a provider that can provide you with:

  • A company that follows the AS9100 guidelines,
  • 2D & 3D drawing conversions designed with Modal base MBD in mind,
  • Do you need your CAD files fixed, so they pass FIA AS9102,
  • Direct support for AS9102B reporting,
  • Direct support for PPAP reporting,
  • What is the difference between FAI vs. FAIR,
  • A company that can produce these AS9102 reports as a service,
  • Do you wish to add more company value to these manufactures because you support AS9102,
  • Do you need a full FAI or a partial (delta) FAI?

Our reports are guaranteed to pass all major manufacture requirements.
Our reports include Verifying all design characteristics such as the material and special process certifications, the manufacturing process verification, and nonconformance resolution.


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Images courtesy of Capvidia

We can view and manage all of the Bill of Characteristics (BoC) for FAI and PPAP. All Balloon numbers are assigned to designate critical areas and track any changes. This data can be delivered in both Excel and PDF forms. We can compare GD&T, 3D Annotations, notes – all of this is Machine Readable for MBD use. These are fully intended for a digital Pass or Fail Certified report that inspects all CAD geometry, PMI, and assembly structures.

We can provide:

  1. MBD 2D and 3D CAD translations – Exporting to QIF and Step AP242 – CAD neutral ISO standard formats.  We directly support Catia – Siemens NX – Creo – and Solidworks.
  2. We generate a Bill of Characteristics for ballooning, FAI, PPAP, and most other inspection planning workflows and reporting.
  3. MBD Read Checking to prepare – check – and heal your MBD data for manufacturing and the ultimate customer supply chain.

All reporting will be

  • Understood
  • Accounted for
  • Verified
  • And documented

Validating is defined as ‘as designed’ configuration when the item is produced

  • As planned
  • As tooled
  • And as manufactured

All forms of AS9102 Rev B that we provide, of course, include:

  1. Form 1 – Part Number Accountability. Includes any FAI’s, Supplier Codes (yours), of course, all of the part numbers, names, serial numbers, and FAIR numbers – all signed by us, and then you.
  2. Form 2 – Product Accountability. Includes materials, any unique processes you might use, and any functional testing used by you. Our reports consist of any of your test numbers and acceptance report numbers.
  3. Form 3 – Characteristic Accountability, Verification, and Compatibility Evaluation
  4. In addition to Bubbled drawings – BOM – Certificates of Conformance (CoC) and Material Certificates if needed.

This AS9102 standard was developed in conjunction, and co-published by

  • AS9102 by SAE of America
  • EN 9102 by AECMA in Europe
  • SJAC 9102 by SJAC in Asia

Or do you need CAD Validation and Revision control and comparison reports for D6-51991?

  • Let us compare your 3D Translations – Does your 3D model validate your NC data?
  • Do you need Boeing’s D6-51991 approval?
  • Do you need to pass DPD requirements and additional compliance standards?
  • How about ECO’s – Engineering Change Orders? Do you need to manage ECO’s by comparing CAD revisions for their intended – or worse unintended changes?
CAD Model Validation Report

CAD Model Validation Report. Image Property of Capvidia and Boeing


Airbus TT.Gov.D070 Supply-Chain Quality Requirements for Suppliers: Which includes Military Aircraft, Space Systems, CIS, and UAS systems. When providing CAD data to Airbus, they require your Catia files to be verified by Q-Checker by Technia. The goal is to quality assurance to confirm the Product Data Quality (PDG). These enforce Airbus specific standards to process compatible models reused in the downstream Airbus process.

The whole point is to provide a repeatable, reliable, standard procedure for design reuse. This process offers a full 3D Master / Model base definition. Airbus does not expect to have to touch your file once submitted. Q-checker certifies – inside the Catia *.CATProduct, *.CATPart, and *.CATDrawing file that this file is clean, up to Airbus standards, and suitable for reuse directly. You would need this reporting for any Manufacturing Readiness Review (MRR).

Geometry tests are included to ensure your models do not contain mistakes for Airbus rejection. Overlaps, inconsistencies, permeations, tiny edges, folding perpendiculars, not following Airbus CAD standards, and as many as 400 additional checks are performed. This is an accurate PDQ management approach to produce clean reusable data. All of this data can be directly consumable to PLM systems and Enovia. Airbus’s own Q-checker will confirm the validity of an approved design upon submission.

AS9102 report title page

Download our sample Bill of Characteristics

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