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3D Modeling

Professional Outsourced 3D Modeling Services

At CAD/CAM Services, our bread and butter is our 3D modeling services. We’ve been exceeding expectations in 3D CAD for businesses just like yours for over 35 years. The difference? Our CAD Perfect® workflows, quality checks, and exceptional team of talented engineers.

We can tackle more complicated 3D modeling projects at better prices and turnaround times than other outsourced companies in the country, and it’s all thanks to our staff and management.

Our team at CAD/CAM Services takes a lot of pride in our work, and you’ll see the difference when you choose us. We offer native CAD work in all of the major programs, including Siemens NX, PTC Creo, CATIA, Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor, SolidWorks, and many more.


What Are 3D Modeling Services?

3D modeling services can range from designing a small bracket to an entire digital twin of your factory. In general, 3D modeling services simply involve using 3D CAD to draw a part, assembly, or entire process. By outsourcing the work to a talented team like CAD/CAM Services, your in-house engineers don’t need to lift a finger.

With the versatility of over 100 engineers and draftsmen, our 3D modeling services are incredibly flexible. You can tell us exactly what you’re looking for, and we’ll take care of everything else.

You might outsource your 3D modeling work if your in-house engineers are overloaded, you don’t have the right expertise to tackle a specific project, you want to save money on engineering costs, or you want to get faster results. In any of these cases, CAD/CAM Services can help.

Our big claim to fame is that we can deliver 3D CAD models faster, more affordably, and often higher quality than many internal engineering departments can. We’re not trying to be rude when we say that, it’s just the result of having a team of over 100 engineers who work 24/7 and have very specialized engineering focuses.

We have countless Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on staff, that have direct experience working on the nuanced design that’s giving your team difficulty.

Why 3D Modeling Services Matters

With many 3D modeling outsourced companies, it’s easy to get tricked into signing a contract. They might try to sell you some grand idea of what they’re capable of, but they simply don’t have the expertise, talent, and focus to deliver what you need.

Picking the wrong 3D CAD modeling company can waste a lot of your time and money, and it can completely ruin your newest project.

For the best results, you should look for a large outsource team that has a lot of experience, and one that has been open for a long time. To keep it simple, you can trust CAD/CAM Services. We’ve worked with too many Fortune 500 companies to count, and they keep coming back for more work. Why? Our commitment to quality, affordability, and our stellar staff of engineers.

Benefits of 3D Modeling Services from CAD/CAM Services

Over our 35+ years in business, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from clients. An overwhelming majority have incredible things to say about their experience working with our team, and you’ll notice plenty of benefits when you choose CAD/CAM Services for your 3D modeling project:

Affordability alongside quality.

We despise the idea of overcharging clients just because we create high-quality work. At CAD/CAM Services, we offer both affordability and high-quality work at the same time — you shouldn’t have to choose between the two.

More done under one roof.

With dozens of standard and custom services offered at CAD/CAM Services, we can do more for you for each project. This means less shopping around and fewer names that you have to remember. When you need anything CAD or engineering, just remember “CAD/CAM Services”. 

Access to 24/7 engineering efforts.

Our engineers work on staggered shifts, and our offices are open and running 24/7. Just like that, we can finish an engineering project three times faster than a staff of engineers who work 8-hour days.

Get more information with every CAD file.

We put a big focus on material selection, design tree history, and parametric modeling with our 3D modeling services. This gives you more information in every CAD file, making each model more valuable to your team.

No shady salesmen or up-selling.

A lot of companies applaud us for our ability to speak honestly and operate with integrity. We’re not here to sell you something we can’t do, nor will we try to change your mind and upsell you something. We respect your time and money, and we’re okay handling as little or as much work as you’d like to give us.

Access to all the major CAD programs.

We have licenses for all of the major CAD programs on the market, and most of our staff is certified in at least one CAD software. This means that we can create native CAD files in whatever program your team likes to use.

What Goes into 3D Modeling Services from CAD/CAM Services?

Our 3D modeling services will deliver exactly what you’re looking for, regardless of the scope, complexity, and specifics of your project. Need a support structure designed? No problem. Want to get a professional model of your new fastener? We can do it. What about reverse engineering an entire F-35 fighter jet? We’ve done it.

CAD/CAM Services has successfully completed more projects than we can list. With a successful track record like this, you can trust our team for even bigger and more complicated projects.

It all starts with a consultation. During this conversation, you’ll tell us what you have, what you need, and what you’re expecting. Add as much information as you have.

From there, our engineers will get to work. Depending on the size of your project, we might assign one engineer or a dozen engineers. We always assign a specific Project Manager to act as a point of contact, limiting how many names you have to remember.

We’ll design the 3D models in your CAD program of choice, and we’ll send each drawing through a series of internal quality checks and peer reviews. This is how we can ensure CAD Perfect® drawings, every time.

Each file will be sent to you digitally using a file sharing platform that the DoD trusts. You own the complete rights to every part of each drawing, so feel free to use them however you’d like.

If you plan on manufacturing these designs, ask us to make 2D manufacturing drawings for you as well.

Our 3D Modeling Services Include:

2D Manufacturing Drawings

Prototyping, Iterative Design, and One-Off Parts

Mass Production-Ready Models

3D CAD Modeling

Engineering Simulation

Digital Mock-Ups

Reverse Engineering As Needed

3D Scanning

3D Printing Optimization

And Much More (Including Custom Services)

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More About 3D Modeling Services

Our 3D modeling services can be bundled with a lot of our other major services. If you have an existing part you need a 3D model of, allow us to use our expensive 3D scanners and reverse engineer the part in hours, instead of days.

We can also take your new 3D model and create manufacturing drawings or professional renderings, which we call digital mock-ups. This service takes your 3D model and snaps professional photos of it, all within CAD. It can be a great tool to have for sales brochures.

Finally, allow our team to help optimize your new 3D model for your preferred means of manufacturing. If you expect to 3D print your part, we can optimize your part for 3D printing, and even handle all of the 3D printing ourselves. We can also optimize your parts for CNC machining, urethane casting, or injection molding — our DFM best practices will save you time and money during each production run.

Industries Served

With experience in most major industries, we already have a head start on our competitors. We can serve any industry and almost any application, with most of our existing clients coming from industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Concept Development
  • Defense
  • Government
  • Mechanical
  • Medical Equipment
  • Shipbuilding

Get a Quote Today

If you want the best outsourced 3D modeling experience, you should consider CAD/CAM Services. We offer CAD Perfect® 3D CAD modeling, and we can handle the biggest and most complicated projects that you can think of. With over 35 years of experience and a staff of over 100 engineers and draftsmen, allow us to exceed your expectations.



3D Modeling FAQs
How do you bill 3D CAD services tasks?

Per hour. Hourly rate depends on what CAD software used and typically starts at $75 per hour.  In general, to make this process safer for you, we often provide you a fixed not to exceed the cost as well.  That way, you are protected from an open-ended PO. However, the reality is our fees are based on time. In addition, services in say Catia or NX are more expensive than say Solidworks. Or, simulation services are commonly done by real engineers.

What do you need to give me accurate pricing?

First of all, we need to know the target CAD system and whether you have an existing  template, or set of CAD standards for this project.

The main question is the overall complexity. As each part and assembly consists of different features and elements the best way is to provide us with an example.  Again, a picture is worth a thousand words.

If you already have a model and need us to improve it or update it in any way we need to know which dimensions and features are critical and which can be modified to achieve your desired result.  Even a before and after example works very well. We started with x, and got to this CAD file.

We can also offer you better options if you provide us with the purpose of your project (demonstration, 3D printing, FEA Simulation, CNC manufacturing, etc.).  This helps us better refine the task.

How do you check your models?

We create 2D drawings from our 3D models for QC purposes. We follow aerospace standards and deliver ±.005” accuracy models for all projects.  All of our QC is done by a different person than the designer. On Catia work, we often use Q-Checker for Airbus.

What is the minimum price for your 3D modeling services?

We have a minimum order fee $150.

3D Scanning FAQs
How much does scanning services cost?

It depends on the complexity of the scanned model and material properties. As, for example, it may be much more complicated to properly scan an object with a reflective surface, than a non-reflective surface. It also depends on three main factors:

  1. the physical size of your part
  2. the required scanning resolution
  3. if industrial CT or metallurgy scanning is needed

Simple quick cell phone photos are worth a thousand words to us. To know for sure you can request a quote. It is of course, free – and treated as if an NDA is already in place.

Some averages:

  • The typical 3D scan is somewhere around $200-400 per part.
  • Tomographic (CT) scanning is $600-900 per part.

Because so much of our business is Aerospace related, our scanning – and the completed CAD file HAS to be within ±.005” anywhere on that part, we never use consumer-grade scanners. The scanners we use start at $25,000 and go up to $700,000 (CT) per scanner.

At any given time, we have in excess of $ 5 million just in scanning hardware we use. In addition, a hidden factor of scanning on any system is the assembly and clean up of any scan. The rule of thumb is a 2-1 ratio. So even with our experienced scanning staff, if we spend one-hour scanning; we will then spend an additional two hours of clean up and assembly before our CAD group gets the Point Cloud file to simulate or reverse engineer.

What is the Point Cloud/Mesh/3D Scan?

A point cloud is thousands if not millions of data points located in space by X, Y, Z coordinates. Images of this nature are often captured with Faro Focus or Artec scanners that specialize in large-area scanning.  Most likely you obtain building and territory plans in this file format.

A polygon mesh is a set of triangles located in the same manner. These scans are obtained with Artec, Creaform, Enscan and other handheld scanners. Parts and reverse engineering device scans are usually polygon meshes.

What types of scanners do you use?
  • Faro Arm – Very good for most parts, fast and accurate
  • Turntable scanners – high accuracy, high detail, fast scanning. Great for smaller parts.
  • Portable handheld – may be favorable for some larger parts – if not a tripod-mounted scanner.
  • Long Range – these mount on a tripod, and are intended to scan buildings, plants, and other larger sized projects.
  • Industrial CT scanners – incredibly expensive, but they offer two main benefits – the ability to inside an object (think of a void in a solid object), and their accuracy.  At this level, we are often in the ±.001” – ±.002” range, and often used in metrology scanning.

Which scanner models do you use?
How accurate is 3D scanning?

The scanners we use are as accurate as the industry offers – from anybody at any cost. We use Faro and Artec 3D scanners, in addition to Faro CMM type arms, including the Surveyor tables. Depending on what scanner we use:

  • CT scanners – 4 to 400µm/voxel resolution
  • Artec Portable scanners high accuracy (0.03 – 0.05mm)
  • Artec Portable scanners high resolution (up to 0.15mm)
  • Our CyberGage 360 – generates highly precise full 360 degrees automated scan with accuracy NIST traceable to approximately 7 microns
  • The CyberGage 360 has a system repeatability of ±.005mm.
Reverse Engineering FAQs
What is the average price for Reverse Engineering?

It all depends on the part’s complexity, size and structure.

What do you guys need to provide me with accurate pricing?

We need to know whether you need your parts to be scanned by us. Or many times we can work with 3D scans provided by third-party companies.  The quality of the scan is everything in our business. Anyway, we strongly advise you to use us for both the scanning and the CAD conversion aspects.  That way, we can control the quality. Sometimes we receive poor quality scans which make it impossible to create truly Cad Perfect™ models for you.  By all means, send us a couple of even cell phone photos, and the rough size of the object.  Most of the time, this will provide us enough information to provide a real bid.

The price depends on the part complexity, size, as well as the target file parametres. We need to know whether you need full parametric models, and your desired accuracy. If you tell us the purpose of reverse-engineered models, we can often provide you with possible solutions. The target CAD software may change the price as well. This includes sophisticated Workstation add-on products such as Composites, Catia electrical wiring, mold design, and others.

What is the quality of reverse-engineered parts?

We can provide ±.005” aerospace quality for every model. CT scanned parts can have even higher precision up to ±.001”.

Finite Element Analysis and Engineering Simulation FAQs
What is the purpose of FEA?

A Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a form of non-destructive testing (NDT) that shows how your part reacts to real-world loading events. A common example is running an FEA on a support bracket. The FEA will give results showing how much the bracket deflects, how much reactive force is seen, and the kind of internal stresses the bracket experiences.

FEA results will change dramatically based on the position and angle of the load, how much force is applied, the material properties of the part, and the design of the part itself.

An FEA is used to optimize a part before manufacturing begins. It allows you to find weak points within your part or assembly, and it will predict a failure before you physically make anything. This gives you an opportunity to fine-tune each part to optimize its size, strength, and cost before you start producing it.

What do you need to make an accurate simulation?

The more information we have, the more accurate the simulation results will be. It also depends on what type of simulation you want to run. For a simple FEA, we can run an accurate simulation with just a 3D CAD model and loading/force/pressure information that you want to simulate.

Don’t have a 3D model? Not a problem, our team can make one for you from scratch, and then run an FEA on it.

For a more detailed answer, a well-run FEA will need:

Material properties: What material is the part made out of? We can run different FEAs with different materials to help you pick the right one.

Loading conditions: The size, location, and type of load you want to simulate.

Bonding condition: How is the part held in place? Is it bolted, welded, or just sitting on a tabletop?

A 3D model

For other simulations: Please provide us with all thermal, dynamic, aero, and/or fluid flow information. Feel free to call us and we’ll walk you through what we need.

Digital Mockup (DMU) FAQs
Can you make me a cool part catalog?

You bet we can. We created millions of files for Amazon’s online catalog, so no doubt we can help you.  Click Link 1, Link 2 or Link 3 for some live Amazon examples. Simply select any file type from the list under the photo.

We directly support, PartSolutions, GrabCAD, and several others.

What can you do to make a cool part catalog?

There are no limits to creative tasks. Contact us and we will work something out.  This includes part animation, expanded views, opening up assemblies, and full digital mock-ups.

Do you create scenarios for a video demonstration?

We can stage what you want, or propose to you with our exclusive cinematic masterpiece.

Digitizing FAQs
What is the average raster to vector (R2V) 2-D conversion price?

The typical AEC D & E size sheet is $135. There are possible discounts depending on the job size. The more you convert the less you pay.  The bulk of the files we produce are for AutoCAD.

Creating models and drawings over scanned analog documents seem so easy – why such a low price?

In order to make an accurate representation, you have to calibrate the original drawing, which may have deformed during its storage period. Non-dimensioned mediums need to be thoroughly calibrated before digitizing.

Parts of scanned data may be lost due to time and other factors. Because it is important to recreate the design intent,  we need to recreate lost data.

You ONLY receive  Cad Perfect™ files – as if you had drawn these by hand.

Do you support BIM modeling?

Using Revit, yes we do.  Think of BIM as an intelligent 3D model of your building.  We know exactly where all of the HVAC is, IT cabling, electrical, the cost of doors and windows, when mechanical systems need to be serviced, all the way to a room number with a phone number and IP in that room. In addition to our Ray Tracing technology to support some very life-like photo renderings.

What is DHS – Critical Infrastructure Products

The Department of Homeland Security protocol  PPD-21 requirement has deemed that sixteen (16) industries and services are critical to our US Nations security.

These industries  require additional security protocols when creating CAD files. CAD / CAM Services follows all of these requirements. Think of industries and info structures such as power, water, along with fourteen (14) other industries.  For a full list please see Critical Infrastructure Products.

What is a “Calibrated” Mylar image?

Mylar films can be stored in climate-controlled facilities. However, films get skewed and change sizes over time – ironically not linear. So what changes on one end, does not apply to what is in the middle, or the other end.  We have seen ‘J’ size Aerospace Mylars (about 48×180”), vary by a full inch.

CAD/CAM Services utilizes a proprietary process to make Mylar raster images dead on a 5” or 10” grid. Our process was developed in conjunction with, and approved by Boeing engineers.

General CAD Questions
How do I send a sample, in order to get a quote?

Fill out our quote form, attach your files, or simply send us an email. Tell everything about your project, like the model purpose.

For smaller files < 15 MB you can simply email them to us.  For something larger, just drop them in any number of drop boxes like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and others.  Or if you would like, just contact us for a private, hardened link.

It is fine to use most any time of compression such as  *.zip, *.rar, *.tar, *.7z, *.arc, *.LBR, and even *.iso images.

A direct email is [email protected]

We also use a hardened OwnCloud web file sharing platform for unlimited file transfers. We provide unique and very private Web Storage Portals, this also supports file syncing for extreme convenience for you. Because so much of our work is DOD or weapons design work, Security – and confidentiality is very important to us.

Will CAD / CAM Services Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Yes. NDAs are a common part of our business. All data is yours – not ours, and treated as proprietary data and not for public consumption or use. Probably 70% of our work is under NDA agreements. We can generally get these signed within the day.

What is the estimated delivery time?

It depends on the scope of work:

  • 2D drawings – small quantity, normally 48 hours.  We have several customers where they contract to us, keeping 4-8 drafters busy full time.
  • 3D models – complexity dependent, but smaller jobs in 2-3 days. Some models we have spent months on.  Again, we have several customers where they contract to us, keeping 6-10 3D CAD designers busy full time.

Simple jobs have a lead time of 48 hours. Larger projects are delivered and invoiced weekly.

Did you really own the trademark Cad Perfect™, Cad Perfect CAD Conversions™ and Cad / Cam Services™?

Yes, we did back in 2008. We started using Cad Perfect™ back in the early 1990s because all of our customers wanted only real Cad Perfect™ work. Back then the buzz words were terms like machine ready, or DXF Traceover and others.

The problem is, nobody wanted that. They all wanted drawings and models that they did not have to touch. Everybody wanted drawings just as if they hand redrew the work themselves.

Thus, Cad / Cam Services™ was the first company to start offering ONLY Cad Perfect™ work.

Do you support the PPD-21 Directive?

Yes we do, and have now for several years. In addition, we also support the industry specific plans as well.