Tool and Die Reverse Engineering

Tool and Die Reverse Engineering

With our 3D scanning processes, CAD / CAM Services can help you reverse engineer tools and dies, enhance your rapid tooling process, or design a new product. We’re cost effective because we build precision and accuracy into the process from start to finish. We’ll 3D scan your part, capture the data, define it and create a quality process through tool design, build and qualification.

Benefits of Tool and Die Reverse Engineering

  • Speed
    Starting with an existing part and doing 3D Scanning to capture the data speeds the process of redesign. This means you’ll stay competitive by getting your products to market faster.

    If you have a short window of time, we can 3D scan your part, often within hours. Even when there is no original drawing to confirm against, the accuracy of our 3D scanning methods allow us to capture good data, quickly.

  • Easy update and redesign
    We can scan preliminary models, prototypes or existing products. Once we have the scanned digital data, we’ll create a model for you in the 3D CAD program of your choice. Then, it’s easy to update or redesign as needed.
  • Efficiency
    We guarantee precision and accuracy. This means that from start to finish, you’re assured of less waste and higher efficiency.
  • Cost Effective
    Our 3D scanning and converting processes ensure faster and more cost-effective strategies for your tool and die reverse engineering. Let us capture your part, define it and create a quality process through tool design, build and qualification while you focus on your core business.

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