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Variety is the spice of life. And this is why most major computer-aided design software platforms have their own specific CAD format that is native to their platform. Therefore, to successfully move a 3D model from one platform to the other, you will require the services of a 3D CAD conversion professional.

This variety also applies to your industry’s specific design needs and the dominant CAD format used by your business associates. This is why working on CAD-related projects with professionals coming from a different industrial background comes with its challenges.

At CAD / CAM SERVICES, we understand the language of 3D modeling and CAD conversion as it relates to your industry. And we can help you sanitize the design phase at your company by converting old or obscure 3D CAD file formats to the format you desire. This CAD conversion process will put everyone working on your project on the same page throughout the project’s duration.

Get Accurate 3D CAD Conversions in 3-Simple Steps

Are you interested in getting started as quickly as possible? Simply initiate the CAD conversion process by informing us about your exact needs and our experienced professionals will swing into action.

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The moment we have your files and details about the CAD formats you request, the second stage begins. Here, our 3D artists and technicians will proceed with converting your DWG, OBJ, 3DS, DXF to the STL, CGR, MDT or whatever format you have requested.
The final step in the CAD conversion process is ensuring that every parametric data in your original file have been accurately translated into the requested format. We will then deliver your project to you via the cloud or according to your request.

How You Gain

The benefits you stand to gain from the 3D CAD conversion services we offer are many. These benefits range from low costing to easy integration into your CAM platform or software applications.

Accurate Conversions

CAD / CAM SERVICES 3D Conversion is done with precision in mind. We understand the technical reasons you intend to use the converted 3D file for. This is why we ensure that the converted file is provisioned with all the data, points and geometry contained in the original.

The accuracy we bring to 3D CAD conversion means that you will NOT have to do any additional edits, spend hours cleaning up or restructuring once we deliver the converted file to you.

Easy Imports & Integration

Is your 3D CAD file made up of assembly designs that needs to be imported to a new CAM or BIM platform? If your answer is yes, then do not panic for we will save the file in formats that are supported by your CAM supplication. We can also upload your converted 3D CAD files to your cloud storage accounts to ensure they are available to your research and development staff and production personnel.

Saves Time

The CAD / CAM SERVICES team have garnered over 30-years of 3D CAD conversion experience from working with every file format under the sun. This is why your conversion needs are in great hands. We can help you quickly convert all your old files to meet the updated industry standards prevalent in your industry.

If your CAD conversion needs are too extensive and bulky for your in-house team to handle, contacting us will ensure that your extensive project is completed in record time.

Low Cost

You already have the 3D CAD files that need conversion while we have the state-of-the-art tools to execute the process in record time. So, let us help you save cost by putting our professionalism, experience and technological advantage to work for your business.

Your Files are in Discrete Hands

At CAD / CAM SERVICES, we understand that the CAD files you may need to convert are important to your business processes and how it operates. Therefore, we integrate client to service provider confidentiality when working for you. This is why we put Non-Disclosure Agreements in place when handling your sensitive 3D data.

We have converted more than 1,000,000 DWG files for reputable organizations such as Amazon and GE Avionics. And the trust these Fortune 500 companies have placed in our 3D CAD conversion services shows that you are in good hands.

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