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What if we told you that; we can save you money, cut lead times while eliminating the frustrations your staff will feel when migrating large quantities of CAD files from one CAD system to another?

Would we have gotten your attention?

Our team at CAD / CAM SERVICES have saved business like yours approximately 40% of the time and cost it takes to migrate files from one CAD system to another efficiently. This is due to our technical understanding of what it takes to migrate from an older CAD platform to a more advanced system when the need arises.

We know that CAD migration is a hassle production engineer, project managers and every business involved in the production cycle faces on a constant basis. And we have helped many businesses in the Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Tooling and manufacturing community to manage the difficulties that come with CAD migration. Your CAD migration projects are not an exception!

Solutions to CAD translation problems, migration issues. CATIA v4, v5 to Solidworks and Solidworks to CATIA.

Our experts will “Trouble Shoot” your Translation needs!

Troubleshooting Your CAD Migration & Translation Needs

The 30 years of experience we have garnered providing CAD migration services have taught us a few important facts; every client’s needs are different and so are yours. This is why we would first like to hear from you.  It is our goal to preserve all geometry, and as best we can the tree in history data of your model.

In general, we have most of the native CAD systems in-house, so we can properly QC your work. We know what it’s like to lose the features of your entities and we know how to test for preserving them. We develop sophisticated maps to properly map out specific translation data from one CAD system to the next.  We are looking for features, attributes & symbols, to all remain intelligent and useful.

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Contact a Representative. Assess Your CAD Migration & Translation Requirements

The experienced CAD / CAM SERVICES team understand the need to undertake your CAD migration project while ensuring that data compatibility issues are dealt with. Our understanding of the CAD migration process will ensure that your source data is accurately assessed before migration to a new system is initiated.

Our assessment will determine how the CAD migration process will be carried out. And if your source files require any conversions to ensure they are compatible with your new CAD system, we will advise you about the CAD conversions to make.

Custom CAD System Migrations Translations, CATIA v4 v5 to Solidworks or Solidworks to CATIA

We Can Customize for Your Project!

Custom CAD System Migrations & Translations Built for You

CAD / CAM SERVICES offer customized CAD data migrations tailored to fit your business exact needs. Our specialized CAD migration services cut across a variety of industries. And we would like to know if these are of interest to you?

CATIA V4 – V5 – V6 Migration to SolidWorks

If your business operates in the automotive and aerospace industrial niches, the need to move CAD files from CATIA to SolidWorks and vice versa is one you will frequently encounter. Our team of professionals is ready to help you analyse, prep, and migrate your CAD models using the standards native to SolidWorks or your new CAD system.

CATIA V4 – V5 – V6 Migration

When you chose to take the leap from CATIA V4 – V5 – V6, due to the latter’s compatibility with the Windows operating system, know that we are here to help. Whatever your reasons for upgrading may be, the fact remains that large data sets will need to be accurately transferred. We can help you initiate a seamless migration process without having to lose the data that are so important to your business’s operations.

SolidWorks to CATIA

At CAD / CAM SERVICES, we know the best tools needed for the migration of your CAD data from SolidWorks to CATIA and how to use them. Our team of dedicated professionals will make use of specialized software such as 3DTransVidia to ensure the process is seamless and no data is lost.

Feature Based Data Migrations

Our team of dedicated professionals ensure that the data attached to CAD files are accurately translated to the new system without errors. Therefore, regardless of the difficulties you have previously faced or the brand of the new CAD system you are migrating to, we can guarantee that the 3D CAD migration process will be successfully executed with the care and professionalism your business deserves.

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What Your Business Stands to Gain

Outsourcing your 3D CAD migration brings a whole lot of benefits to the table for your organization. These benefits range from saving your business more time and money to letting professionals reduce the delays and downtimes that are a by-product of shoddy work. The benefits of outsourcing 3D CAD migrations to CAD / CAM SERVICES include:

  • Accurate validation and inspection of migrated data
  • Integration of best practices and industry-related standards
  • High-quality work
  • Significant monetary and time-based savings
  • Short implementation time-frame

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