2D Scanning and Digitizing

In XXI century it is important to go digital on any part of development and production process. Traditionally all product information was presented by Mylar films, paper drafts and X-ray scans. All these medium require specially organized spaces with corresponding conditions such as humidity and temperature and sometimes, even when these conditions are met, do not age well.

Old Mylar drawing

Our company offers following digitizing services (here go corresponding links):

  • Large format 2D scans

  • Paper drawings conversion to 2D CAD files

  • Paper drawings conversion to 3D CAD files

  • Mylar digitizing

  • X-ray film digitizing to NDT

Digital drafts and models are much easier to store and access and going digital can help decrease production costs and lower amount of time your specialists spend working and correcting existing


Digitized model

Failure to address the handling of prior analog film-is a common mistake made by organizations when transitioning to digital imaging. Reviewing prior studies is critical for good decision-making and product development. Aerospace and manufacturing companies will need to handle prior film for many years in order to maintain existing products and components, as well as to improve design going forward.

For a technician, just one analog film a day can create significant workflow and product review challenges. As a result, incorporating an NDT film digitizing service or an NDT film digitizer into digital planning will ensure that these problems don’t negatively impact an organization.







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