Is your company in need of drafting help? If you have a concept of which you would like drawings made or your company needs assistance producing mechanical or manufacturing drawings from 3D to 2D formats then you and could possibly benefit from outsourcing your drafting needs to CAD / CAM Services Inc. We will use the flexibility of our parametric modeling to effectively manage the design or configuration changes which your products and customers need.

Our drawing and drafting services are performed by a team with an excellent understanding of design and manufacturing. Our mechanical engineers have an unparalleled knowledge of diverse industries and are eager to put their manufacturing and prototyping expertise to work for you. Allowing us to help you with your drafting, drawing or conversion requirements can significantly optimize your business model

All mechanical drawings need to be easy to edit, archive, search, reproduce and modify. This makes it easier to integrate them with parts and assemblies and lends flexibility and speed to the design process. They should also be easily modifiable and allow for revision control. We use CAD to accomplish these things for you. Our engineers offer seamless drafting services and deliver CAD drafting and design projects which improve the efficiency of the design processes of our clients.

Our expertise is in computer-aided design and drafting. We use tools such as AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, SolidEdge, Visual LISP and VBA programming to meet your specific needs. Our mechanical engineers have operated across several domains, from Aerospace and Marine to Food processing and HVAC.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our project management. This is usually the “weak link” when it comes to outsourcing drawing and drafting services, but through diligent project planning, communication, and regular reviews, we deliver the very highest quality drafting and design services to all of our clients and their respective customers.


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This article was last Updated on June 13, 2020

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