Point Cloud to Native CAD Conversion

Are You Struggling with Point Clouds?
Let’s Connect Your Dots

Struggling With Your Point Cloud Projects?

At CAD / CAM, we know that scanning and collating your point cloud is the easier part of the manufacturing process. Connecting the dots to accurately recreate a native 3D CAD model from your point cloud is where the hard work begins.

This is where our expertise in converting point clouds to CAD proves very useful to you.

So, if you have point cloud projects you are currently struggling to convert, help is just a click away!


You can contact us using our contact form and an experienced technician will be on hand to assist you with your conversion project. CAD / CAM engineers have the experience needed to assess your point cloud conversion needs and help you take the actions you sorely require.

We Can Help Your Point Cloud Projects Succeed

How We Can Help?

At CAD / CAM Services, our assistance in converting your point cloud data to CAD is always customized to meet your particular requirements. We also make use of state-of-the-art tools such as Elysium InfiPoints, SolidWorks Premium, and GeoMagic to ensure that every point counts during the conversion process.

Processing Large Data

We Can Process Large Amounts of Data

We understand the power and computer processing requirements that comes with processing large point cloud files and how it negatively affects your productivity. Therefore, we would like to take large projects off your hand and help you handle the conversion process in record time.

We make use of our supercomputers, processors and conversion software to speed up the reading and CAD conversion process more than 5 times the speed of the average Personal Computer.


Meeting Your Conversion Requirements

When converting point cloud files to native CAD, ensuring that your accuracy and tolerant requirements are met is important to executing a successful project. And in situations where large data sets need to be converted, the possibility of overlooking important data is high. Our team of professionals at CAD / CAM Services can help you eliminate these errors due to the high level of precision that comes with our point cloud conversion services.

Accuracy is of Utmost Importance to Us

Ensuring Accuracy

We can take your raw point cloud data files and convert it to the CAD format you require. Therefore, if you have no understanding or the time needed to clean-up your point cloud data, simply send the raw file and our experts will take it from there. Our engineers have the required experience to analyze and rebuild the hidden features that ensure the final CAD file is an accurate representation of your scanned object.

Your Manufacturing Standards Are Important

Integrating Manufacturing Standards

The end determines the means and CAD / CAM services takes into consideration the reason why you need your point cloud converted to a native CAD file.

Therefore, we will encourage you to let us know the expected end product so we can post-process the CAD file for you. During the post-processing stage, we can integrate the design standards, tole, ances and dimensions needed for diverse manufacturing technologies.

We Deliver Point Cloud Data for Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Consequently, we can also help you take on your reverse engineering projects from scratch using state of the art tools such as Artec and CT scanners. The tools we use depend on the size of your physical object and we would like you to know that no object is too large for our engineering team. We can deliver the point cloud files and CAD models to you according to your requirements. You can learn more about our reverse engineering services by contacting us.

The Industries We Serve

If you have concerns that your industry creates point cloud files that are too technical to outsource, we understand your concerns. And would like you to know that CAD / CAM engineers are equipped with the necessary tools and experience needed to analyze your project and convert accordingly. Our team of engineers has more than 30 years of experience in reverse engineering, engineering design, and CAD conversions. We have excellently provided our point cloud to CAD conversion services to businesses in these industries.

Our Team Can Help Your Industry

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Construction
  • 3D printing

We Can Assist You With Your Point Cloud Conversion Project



Let Our Engineers Assist You

Through the years, we have provided our point cloud to CAD conversion services to a host of reputable clients and we want you to be one.  Please feel free to email us or call with any questions regarding your point cloud to CAD conversion projects.  Contact us today to kick-start a partnership

Some of the Tools We Use

Just Some of the Tools We Use

Our team of experienced engineers makes use of a collection of great software applications to read, convert and edit your point cloud files to CAD. We make use of the following software applications to convert your point cloud data to polygonal and dumb models according to your requests.

  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • HIPP
  • Elysium InfiPoints
  • Unigraphics NX

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