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3D Printing – 5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Model

Designing any model for 3D printing is somewhat different compared to a regular designing process. In this article, some quick tips are shared which would align your design with 3D printing technology. Why 3D printing technology? 3D printing has revolutionized the...

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HP 3D Printers Used in Additive Manufacturing

HP 3D Printers for Additive Manufacturing Innovating with HP Multi Jet Fusion TechnologyEnjoy the HP Jet Fusion 540 3D Printer for as low as $3,449 per month or benefit from full-color capability with the HP Jet Fusion 580 3D Printer for just $900 more per...

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CAD-CAM 3D CAD Migration

Seamless 3D CAD Migration. You Can Trust What if we told you that; we can save you money, cut lead times, while eliminating the frustrations your staff will feel when migrating large quantities of CAD files from one CAD system to another? Would we have gotten your...

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Industrial engineering design as the backbone of success

Industrial engineering design is regarded as one of the major branches of engineering. It is used to optimize complex systems, processes or even organizations.  The experts in industrial engineering design are normally referred to as industrial engineers. Their main...

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Point Cloud to Native CAD Conversion

  Have you ever decided to reverse engineer a product but got stuck up at the CAD modeling stage? This blog post is all about a subset of this issue: Point Cloud to Native CAD Conversion. The problem described above is quite a common one since not every...

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3D CAD Conversion Translations Old to New

3D CAD conversion from old formats to newer/other 3D CAD design software is a need many designers and engineers are facing frequently. This is a type of need which cannot be wished away by engineering companies and manufacturers. As a matter of fact, it has turned out...

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Reverse engineering: The role of 3D scanning

  What is reverse engineering and 3D Scanning? Reverse engineering (also referred to as back engineering) involves dismantling a machine or a system in order to study its parts in detail for the purposes of understanding its working principle. Through reverse...

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3D Modelling Comes with Accuracy for Aerospace Industry

  3D modeling in the aerospace industry has ensured high standardization in terms of accuracy and precision. Recent controls and regulations in the aerospace industry require the highest possible levels of standardization which is normally achieved through the...

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