We at CAD / CAM Services are amongst the leading lights of 3D printing as it exists today and is convinced it is the technology of the future and it will increasingly continue to dominate the world of manufacturing as it exists today.

From 3D modeling all the way to 3d printing

As a general rule, a typical 3D scanning and printing project usually starts off with either an STL or its more popular WRL counterpart file. This is exported from the CAD system itself. As a matter of fact, there is usually a clear and present difference between any particular 3D CAD file viz-a-viz a 3D printable file. You may do well to think along the lines of any specific hollowed out section as a sort of example, or even a geometric and structural issue for that matter.

As a matter of fact, just about all of the above are basically highly time-consuming procedures, and this is why it is difficult to fix the same, using any sort of the more common and traditional modeling tools, that are currently available today. However, it is more than possible to use clean and solid filled exportable files for the same purpose. This is exactly why such files have become more of a norm than an exception and are widely considered to be ‘the’ standard the current batch of cutting-edge 3D CAD systems.

Of course, once the file type has been selected, the obvious next questions will be to figure out what type of material to use, and the type of accuracy that will be required from the same. In fact, the current lot of state of the art 3D printers are now widely considered to be accurate enough even for extremely demanding aerospace uses as well.

When utilizing the 3D printing option, it is probable that the expert will end up asking questions several questions, such as the fact that how complex will the geometry of the object be (here the general rule of thumb is that the simpler and less complicated the physical object, the more easily can it be used for 3D printing purpose), the minimum thickness of the object being 3D printed.

If (for instance) there are any sort of undercuts as well as various internal structures, or for that matter, even multiple substrates, and chemicals that may be needed to ensure that the object being 3D printed will be useful as a prototype or not. In this case, we at CAD / CAM services are the right people to approach for all of your 3D printing needs for both replications as well as prototypes. Learn more about our outsourced 3D printing services and how we can help your organization!


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