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Why CAD / CAM Services Use SolidWorks For Engine Models

CAD / CAM is a SolidWorks service bureau for engine models to manufacture Car/Motorcycle Engines. Here are the reasons why.

How SolidWorks For Engine Models Helps in the Manufacturing of a Car/Motorcycle Engine

Today, CAD / CAM services are using SolidWorks to create models of some of the major internal components of a Car/motorcycle engine. In fact, many CAD / CAM services have already mastered the tools and techniques employed in typical SolidWorks automotive design project. They make good use of the available SolidWorks tools such as equations and configurations and know how these tools can enhance the power of their engine models.

A CAD / CAM service can use SolidWorks to build the flywheel, connect the connecting rods, valve, pistons and, sprockets, and pull the components together in a bottom-up assembly. CAD / CAM services use SolidWorks for engine models for:

  • Sketching the flywheel
  • Building and cutting the flywheel shafts
  • Filleting the flywheels
  • Splitting the connecting rod
  • Building the sprocket
  • Modeling the camshaft
  • Combining parts into an assembly

SolidWorks is Great for 3D Models

A major reason that CAD / CAM services use SolidWorks to manufacture Car/Motorcycle Engine is that the software is great for 3D models that need exact and precise measurements. Today, many car and motorcycle engines are being designed using a CAD software. Building an engine in SolidWorks works in the same way as building an engine in any other 3D CAD program.

A step-by-step process is to be followed, and only the necessary information needs to be added to build the engine in 3D. While a basic working knowledge of a CAD system can get you started with building engines in SolidWorks, it won’t be sufficient to create a model that can be readily used to manufacture Car/Motorcycle Engine. The expertise and experience of a CAD / CAM service will come in handy here.

So, why do use CAD / CAM services build engine models in SolidWorks? They have a lot of flexibility with the shape of the parts, material, and fasteners. Since they are experienced at 3D CAD design, it may take the CAD / CAM service only a few hours to build an engine using SolidWorks.

Whether the part is simple or complicated, 3D build steps can be applied to almost any part of the CAD / CAM service decide to make. Additionally, once they start using 3D CAD to design and build engines, the CAD / CAM service start to find the process incredibly simple. The reason for this is that SolidWorks comes with a handy toolbox for creating 3D models of car and motorcycle engines.

We are a CAD / CAM service proficient at using SolidWorks For Engine Models. For more information and to get feedback on your project, please contact us.  Our friendly experts will be more than happy to help you and provide you with a project quote.

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