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Raster to Vector Conversion – Going from Scan to CAD

Raster to Vector Conversion – Going from Scan to CAD

Converting scanned raster images into high-quality CAD files can seem like a time-wasting challenge.  But, if you have blueprints or drawings that need to be updated or converted; if you consider your technical data to be a critical asset; if efficient management of this data is important for the functioning of your business, then raster to vector conversion is essential.

Converting hard copy paperwork to electronic format makes archiving, retrieving, copying, editing, and sharing of the drawings easier.

A reliable large format scanner

A reliable large format scanner (we like the new Contex Ultra series) is the starting point for converting your paper drawings,  and a conversion process like CAD / CAM Services CAD Perfect conversion ensures that your raster to vector conversion process will give you CAD Perfect drawings to import into your CAD system.

A high-quality CAD Conversion Service like CAD / CAM Services provides uses qualified engineers and architects who perform CAD drafting and conversion based on your requirements. This professional team of engineers and architects can be trained on the drafting standards of your company in order to give you the best results. Our work stresses accuracy of the final output, with custom or AIA layering standards.

CAD CAM services provide a seamless blend of editing and conversion and convert architectural, mechanical and technical drawings, maps, archive drawings, schematic diagrams, photos and other types of line artwork from scanned raster files to various vector formats.

Ask about our exclusive CAD Perfectraster to vector conversion services today.

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