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Industrial engineering design as the backbone of success

Industrial engineering design is regarded as one of the major branches of engineering. It is used to optimize complex systems, processes or even organizations.  The experts in industrial engineering design are normally referred to as industrial engineers. Their main role includes reduction of all forms of wastage of resources such as money, time, materials, man-hours, energy, machine time, etc. within an organization. The over overall objective of reducing such wastage of resources is to improve quality and productivity. Other field of engineering that are related to industrial engineering include systems engineering, production engineering, manufacturing engineering, operations research, financial engineering and safety engineering among others.

Industrial engineering design involves developing, improving and implementing systems integrating people, knowledge, money, information, energy, equipment, analysis, materials, synthesis, and mathematics among other disciplines related to industrial activities. in addition, social sciences as well as engineering design methods are also consulted so as to predict, specify and evaluate the performance of such systems.

Take an example of an aerospace company that has recently been making losses…. The main contributors could be underutilization of resources (time, money, materials, man-hours), wastages (time, money, materials, man-hours, etc.), poor planning on how to utilize such resources, forecasting issues, etc. Actually, everything revolves around how best resources are utilised during operation of such a company.

Figure 1: Industrial engineering design: Cause and effect diagram

In an attempt of such a company to reduce or eliminate such wastages, an industrial engineer, who is originally a mechanical engineer, then steps in to provide solutions. There are chances that the solution provided will be centred around engineering design, manufacturing, and utilization of materials. This means human aspects would have been ignored…. This will be a big miss!

On the other hand, take a social-economic expert who is assigned the duty of solving the issues. Social-economists are more concerned on social aspects, economic aspects, utilization of resources, etc. but the cause could be related to engineering design and manufacturing. In this regard, chances are very high that engineering aspects would be ignored or partially tackled resulting to ineffective solutions. This would actually be regarded as an addition to losses already existing. Right?

Another company would decide to assemble a team consisting of all experts…. Boom! They would come with solutions. However, this would take longer, consume even more resources, while time management issues would crop in. In other words, more challenges are often inevitable with large teams.

What then?

Companies and organizations have strived to have all types of experts through their employment policies… but is this good enough? NO! This is because most of time, these experts would be underutilized as they would only be required from time to time. This would mean more monetary losses in terms of their salaries, allowances, etc. For instance, when everything is working as expected, why would the company continue having them around? On the other hand, the company can decide to only employ during crises. This would mean use of more resources in advertising and recruitment during such time. In addition, this may take more time while the issue the company is facing continues to escalate.

Figure 2: Industrial engineering design: 3D CAD Modelling

Another solution would be outsourcing. There are a large number of consultant companies offering services related to industrial engineering design. During outsourcing, the management should seek companies which has history in mathematics, time management, engineering, efficiency, problem solving, listening, negotiation, work ethics, leadership, etc. On the other hand, the cost should be reasonable. Wouldn’t having such companies at your fingertips safe you time in terms of outsourcing time, cost associated, and the level of expertise you are guaranteed to get for your company? My answer is YES! This would actually mean you only need to notify them when your company is in industrial engineering design need and they are there within shortest time possible.

Its jus a click away to reach the CAD / CAM Services for your industrial engineering design requirements!

Experts at CAD / CAM services have perfected the skills in industrial engineering design for the benefit of our customers. We have assembled a team consisting of experts who have great experience in assisting big companies such as Boeing, HKS, and Coca-Cola and many more. Based on the feedback we have received from these big market players, we are expecting you as our next client! In other words, it does not matter the area of expertise your company is involved in, we will be there for you.

Our solutions include CAD designs, utilization of materials, CAD conversion capabilities, reverse engineering, one-on-one consultancies, etc. Once in touch with us, expect less than complete solution of your industrial design needs. We have invested heavily on 3D CAD / CAM machines and engineering skills as well as soft skills just for you.

You can find us at: CAD / CAM Services for all your inquiries.

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