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How Your Team Can Save Money with CAD Modeling Services

Saving money is a goal for most engineering and manufacturing companies we talk to. Whenever CAD models are needed, you might look at a dozen different ways to cut back on costs. Have you considered one of the best money-savers: outsourcing?

In this guide, we’ll explain how your team can save money with CAD modeling services. We’ll outline what these services are, how they work, and a few specific ways that you’ll save money through outsourcing.

What Are CAD Modeling Services?

CAD modeling services refer to companies that do 2D and 3D CAD work on your behalf. You might pay an outsourced CAD company to handle a series of 2D manufacturing drawings, which is considered a CAD modeling service.

Usually, these projects are structured on a per-drawing basis. You might pay a flat rate for each manufacturing drawing made or an hourly rate for 3D modeling work.

Even though you might have in-house engineers, you can still benefit from outside CAD modeling services.

How Your Team Can Save Money with CAD Modeling Services

Most CAD modeling services will help your company in two major ways: they will save you time, and save you money. Let’s focus on how your team can save money with CAD modeling services.

Free Up Your Engineering Efforts

Regardless of how many engineers you have on your staff, you’ll save money by outsourcing some of the work. This seems counterintuitive, but think about it: your engineers can focus on revenue-generating tasks like coming up with new products, refining designs, and optimizing your flagship products.

All the while, our team at CAD/CAM Services can handle the more monotonous 3D and 2D CAD work, like converting your old drawings into digital CAD files.

A common way to use CAD modeling services is to take your initial concept into a manufacturing-ready, detailed design. You can give us a concept drawing and let us turn it into a producible part.

Pay Less for Each Drawing

If you do the math, you’ll be paying a lot less for CAD modeling services than if your engineers were to do the work themselves. With an outsourced CAD company, you don’t have to pay for days off, medical benefits, or vacation days. You’re just paying for the drawing itself.

At CAD/CAM Services, we offer a low fixed rate for each drawing we deliver. Since our team is filled with expert engineers, we don’t have to overcharge you. Our engineers get the work done efficiently and quickly, so you’ll see results even faster (which means we can charge less for each drawing).

Workers and manager in safety helmets working with documents at factory table

A team of outsourced engineers shows their CAD models to a construction client for review.

Deliver Your Project Sooner

Another way that you’ll save money with CAD modeling services is through the project delivery. With an outsourced team in your corner, you’ll be able to finish projects sooner. This means that you can move to the next project even quicker.

Whether you’re a manufacturing facility or a processing plant, faster project delivery means more money in your pocket — either through quicker product throughput or more manufacturing projects that you can pick up.

Handle Larger (Better-Paying) Projects

Another benefit of tapping into our staff of over 100 engineers is that you can handle much larger projects. We’ve worked with companies that had tiny engineering teams, and we helped them tackle massive 3D aircraft designs. How is that possible? We assigned a dozen engineers from our staff to work full-time on their project.

Just like that, your engineering staff size can quadruple at a moment’s notice. With a larger staff, you can take on more projects, handle bigger projects, and unlock better-paying projects. All of these cost savings go right to your bottom line.

Only Pay for the Work Done

With contracted CAD work, you’re only paying for the work that’s done. Our engineers log their time on a per-project basis, and we charge accordingly. This means that you’re never paying for any breaks that our engineers take.

If one of our draftsmen takes a day off, you’re not paying for it. The same goes for sick days and any benefits that we offer our team.

With all of those costs out of the way, you’re left paying strictly for the engineering work, and that’s it.


You just learned a few ways that your engineering team can save money through CAD modeling services. Our team at CAD/CAM Services is a full-service engineering shop that can handle your largest, most complicated projects. Start your money-saving journey with us, and see how you can get high-quality engineering drawings at a fraction of the cost. Get a free quote today.

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