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3D Mechanical Design – How to Outsource

3D Mechanical Design – How to Outsource

3D Mechanical Design is used in many different industries – Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Defense Systems, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Metals Processing – to name a few.  In each of these industries, 3D Mechanical Design is used to assess, evaluate, and design mechanical tools or components, assemblies or product parts relevant to the industry.

The process of 3D Mechanical Design blends analysis and creative thought and requires in-depth knowledge of the industry for which the design is being created as well as a thorough understanding of basic design concepts and specific design details that are necessary for the specific industry.

3D Mechanical Design

Design engineers must be creative and observant, able to make quick mental associations and to understand the basic physics behind the process or machine that requires a new design.   Once the problem is identified, a design engineer uses creative thought and analysis to create a solution.

Given the complexities of the 3D Design process as well as industry-specific requirements, many organizations believe that outsourcing their 3D Mechanical Design isn’t possible or practical, but is this really the case?  Let’s look further…

Outsourcing and the Fundamental Principles of Design

The fundamental principles of design override industry specifics:

  • ·         Keep it simple
  • ·         Basics come before details
  • ·         Keep the functions independent
  • ·         Use a systems approach
  • ·         Do detailed design at the component level
  • ·         Complexity should be invisible
  • ·         Specify components by standards

Keeping these fundamentals in mind, you should clearly communicate the design problem to be solved by a competent outsource 3D Mechanical Design Engineer.  Be certain to clearly communicate any industry-specific requirements that must be adhered to.

Outsourcing 3D Mechanical Design and Development

An experienced, professional 3D mechanical CAD outsourcing service is an ideal resource for conceptual design and development, new product design and drafting, mechanical design, plastic mold design, metal sheet and casting design, automotive and aerospace parts design, reverse engineering, 3D rapid prototyping, manufacturing support and drawings, and much more.  This type of outsourcing can save countless hours and dollars over using your in-house staff.  Once the design is nearly finalized, then use your in-house staff for final testing and fine-tuning of the design.

3D Mechanical Design Software, Customer Services, and Clearances

3D Mechanical Design Software, Customer Services, and Clearances

Using Industry best software products that can create the high precision 3D mechanical design and drafting is essential.  Recommended software includes AutoCAD, Pro-E, ADT, MDT, Solid Edge, 3D Max, Solid Works, and many others.  Make sure that the outsource firm you partner with is competent in the software you prefer.

Hint:  You may need more than a commercial software package can provide, so inquire if the firm you hire can offer custom development engineering services like specific orders for complex enclosures or parts needed for complex industrial processes or military apparatus.  If any part of your design is considered proprietary or secret, make sure that you acquire the proper non-disclosure documents or ensure that only outsource personnel with the appropriate government clearance level will have access to the design project.

3D Mechanical Design Pilot Project

One way to ensure a productive and lucrative partnership with the 3D Mechanical Design Outsource Firm you choose is to start with a small Pilot Project.    This will enable you to confirm that the outsourcing firm has the capability to take on your project.   Doing your homework ahead of time will guarantee your return on investment for the  labour-intensive3D Mechanical Design tasks as well as the creative and customized designs you may require.

The key to success is communication and effective collaboration with your outsource firm so that you can focus on your core competencies. Cost-effective 3D Mechanical Design outsource adds value by improving your productivity and product quality by increasing efficiency in a mechanical design process.

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