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When you need information about SimpleIndex, you’ve come to the right place. CAD / CAM Services is an authorized reseller, as well as a regular user of SimpleIndex in our service bureau. This means that we not only offer competitive pricing, but we also offer experience using the software. We know that no matter how easy software is to use, sometimes you have a question about it. We use everything that we sell, so we understand it and we endorse it. Just click on the button below and fill out the form to get FAST information and pricing on SimpleIndex. 

SimpleIndex 7.4

Version 7.4 has many significant updates, including the new SimpleView document management tool. Version 7.4 is a free upgrade to version 7 users.– 1-Click Interface
– No-Bid Pricing
– Designed for Desktops & Distributed Capture
– Future-Proof

Fully Featured:

– Dynamic OCR
– Barcode
– Open Database Integration

Complex Document Capture Made Simple

How many clicks does it take to scan your documents? This is an important question to ask when evaluating scanning solutions. Every click of the mouse and stroke of the keyboard takes time and training.
The best overall value comes from balancing price, integration time, training time, support costs and time spent scanning and indexing. SimpleIndex gives you this value by combining powerful automation features with a one-click user interface and discount pricing.


SharePoint 2010 file and data export
Web Service interface for the server module
Save index data files to any XML, HTML or text format
Broader support for TIFF/PDF/JPEG encoding types


ABBYY® FineReader Engine for faster, more accurate OCR
Searchable PDF output
Improved data extraction options
Clipboard and screenshot OCR


Upgraded barcode engine
Barcode voting to boost accuracy
Support for most 2D barcodes without Advanced Barcode Add-on

Multiple scan windows when using ISIS
Improved real-time processing
Scan directly to a network folder (processing occurs during a scan)Desktop Processing
Run multiple copies of SimpleIndex simultaneously
Selectively reprocess files
Save any image region to a separate file for signature capture, etc.Server Processing
New server monitor shows the progress of each running job
Run multiple jobs on different schedules
Improved performance and schedulingPDF Conversion
Convert MS Office, HTML, XML and images to PDF before processing
Support for reading and writing password protected PDF files
Searchable PDF output

SimpleIndex features

SimpleIndex Features:

Scanning and Indexing as they should be – Powerful and Affordable

  • Streamlined Document Capture – Ways that SimpleIndex helps reduce labor by streamlining the workflow and automating common indexing tasks
  • TWAIN and ISIS Scanner Driver Support – Use any scanner with SimpleIndex
  • Zone, Full Page, and Dynamic OCR – Extract index data no matter where it appears on the page
  • Barcode Recognition – Read barcodes from scanned images to automate indexing
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) – Read check boxes to find True/False or Yes/No values
  • Index Autofill – Populate multiple search fields with existing data from your database
  • Electronic Imprinting – Apply bates stamps and other image stamps/endorsements electronically
  • Database Integration – A full range of interactive database features allow for creative integration with custom database applications
  • Document Presence Auditing – Make sure that all required documents are present in the batch before it is released
  • Document Retrieval Options – How to find and view files once you have indexed them with SimpleIndex
  • Command Line Processing and Custom Application Integration – The SimpleIndex command-line interface makes it the easiest document capture application to integrate with your custom business software
  • Enable Distributed Document Capture – Companies with many remote locations can now afford to implement Distributed Capture with SimpleIndex

Enhancements to Server, Export Top New Features List

New Server ManagerThis latest revision includes an enhanced server processing module with a web services interface, integrated export function with built-in templates for several popular document management solutions.

New Server Manager & Web Services Interface

The server configuration tool is much more intuitive and now lets you monitor batch processing in real time. Similarly, the redesigned server module is faster, more reliable and uses fewer system resources.The web service interface lets you submit job files on demand for processing on the server. This lets you run any job you want anytime you want, provides tight integration with third-party applications and avoids having to configure each job in the manager.

New Integrated ExportNew Integrated Export

We’ve integrated our SimpleExport functionality right into SimpleIndex and improved integration with web services and SharePoint. Templates for several popular document management applications are included, and new templates can be developed quickly for a nominal charge. But the best part is that you no longer need to purchase a SimpleExport license to use custom exports!SharePoint 2010 users can upload documents, organize folders and set custom field data directly from SimpleIndex. Users who have developed custom web services can have documents and data published directly to their website with HTTP POST and web services file uploads.

Other Enhancements in SimpleIndex 7.5

Current users will also notice background enhancements such as improved handling with variations in TIFF, PDF, and JPEG files. Likewise, the ability to process on-the-fly during scanning has been ramped up and if you work in virtual environments, there’s enhanced support for VMWare.A new Global Settings Wizard makes initial setup easier than ever and adds the option to associate SimpleIndex job files with the right-click menu in Windows Explorer. You can perform OCR operations on the clipboard or from screenshots, not just scanned pages. A new Long Text Editor lets you manually select, extract and format paragraphs of text. Like using barcodes? Barcode accuracy has been improved and you can even extract specific characters from within a barcode value.

Because we have not upgraded licensed technologies like OCR and barcode recognition, we have been able to provide this update free of charge for any version 7 user regardless of annual maintenance!

We’ve turned up the dial on the performance and added some behind-the-scenes enhancements that you have been asking for.

  • New, faster imaging libraries with better support for variations in TIFF/PDF/JPEG formats
  • New Regular Expressions implementation allows advanced features like look-ahead and look-behind
  • Improved VMWare support
  • Improved support for mouse wheel actions
  • Improved on-the-fly processing during scanning
  • Better barcode accuracy through improved barcode checksum support

Improved Integration with Servers and Databases

From launching jobs via the web to saving index data directly in a DMS friendly format, SimpleIndex 7.5 steps it up from start to finish.

  • SimpleExport functions integrated directly into SimpleIndex; output index data to any XML/HTML/Text format
  • New server configuration tool is more intuitive and lets you monitor batch processing in real time
  • The redesigned server module is faster, more reliable and uses fewer system resources
  • Web service interface lets you remotely control server processing
  • HTTP Post file upload support for integration with custom web applications
  • SharePoint 2010 integration — export images and index data to document libraries

Ready to take a look?!

SimpleIndex 7.5 is a free upgrade for version 7.x users and is available as part of your Annual Maintenance package for other users.CAD / CAM Services is one of the largest providers of CAD / CAM conversion software and services in the USA. We are experienced users of SimpleIndex, as well as all of the other software products that we sell. We invite you to contact us for expert information and competitive pricing on SimpleIndex and, don’t forget… we’ll also do your conversions for you!

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