Contex SD One MF

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With its lightweight design, exceptional ease of use and very attractive price, it is a must-have scanner

Contex SD3610+, SD3650+ and  SD3690+. 36″ Compact,
Slim and Great Price Value



  • You’re able to scan to your favourite cloud services
  • SD One MF supports full color scanning
  • Supports all popular scan file formats – like PDF, TIFF and JPEG
  • EPA Energy Star ® certified device
  • The SD One MF scanners wide range ofusage makes it great for both entry-level and professional environments



Product: Price: 36-inch Price: 44-inch
SD One MF $3,595 $4,250




Ordering the Contex SD One MF from CAD/CAM

CAM Services is an authorized reseller and parts/repair center for the Contex SD One MF and all Contex scanners. As the preeminent Contex reseller in the United States, we’re uniquely positioned to offer you expert scanning advice and best pricing options. Get started scanning today!

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What You Get

  • Preferred customer status – your job goes to the front of the line for super-fast conversion service
  • One free conversion for every twelve that you pay for at regular price – a “Baker’s Dozen” to save you money all year long.
  • Private and protected log-in at our CAD CAM R2V site where you can automatically upload your files and download the converted project to save you time.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Price and Purchase Contex SD One MF scanners now or call us at 1-800-938-SCAN or email us at [email protected] for additional information.


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