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Price and Purchase Contex IQ 24 ScanStation2GO, IQ 24 ScanStation2GO or SD 36 ScanStation2GO large format scanners now or call us at 1-800-938-SCAN or email us at [email protected] for additional information. If you require a written quote, please use our Request A Quote form.


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Fits Your Office EnvironmentIQ 24 ScanStation2GO

Everybody in the team can scan, share and make copies

Contex IQ 24 ScanStation2GO, IQ 44 ScanStation2GO or SD 36 ScanStation2GO Large Format Solutions

Contex ScanStation2GO gives you a fast way from paper to screen. Instant-on scanning and one-touch interface save time for scanning large documents. Simply load your document and the scanner immediately comes to live. Click a one-touch button to scan directly to your preferred destination

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Collaborate instantly with your project group

Contex makes it easy to handle large-format digitization tasks. Don’t let others decide whether you should keep your deadlines. Take the scanning and copying of large-format documents into your own control, and avoid delays from external suppliers.

You can copy and scan to email, FTP, network, or USB – directly from the simple touch-screen solution. You get outstanding image quality, with the real-time view of enhancements and preset functionality for your daily scanning needs. The Contex ScanStation2GO bundle includes a scanner, 2GO controller, and an adjustable scanner stand. No additional PC or software needed.


For your best ergonomy, Contex ScanStation2GO offers the choice of operating the touch screen from the left or right side.

Key Features

  • User-friendly and intuitive touchscreen solution
  • Preview, crop and adjust image settings
  • Scan-to-copy, -email, -network, -FTP and USB
  • SnapCrop: Easy image cropping (Contex patent)
  • Scan to USB and import images to standard tablet platforms like iPad etc.

Scan To USB

Scan to USB in a way that simulates a camera. This allows images to be imported into standard tablets including iPads.

CAD CAM Services is an authorized reseller and parts/repair center for the Contex IQ 24 ScanStation2GO, IQ 24 ScanStation2GO, SD 36 ScanStation2GO and all Contex scanners. As the preeminent Contex reseller in the United States, we’re uniquely positioned to offer you expert scanning advice and best pricing options. Get started scanning today!

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What You Get

  • Preferred customer status – your job goes to the front of the line for super-fast conversion service
  • One free conversion for every twelve that you pay for at regular price – a “Baker’s Dozen” to save you money all year long.
  • Private and protected log-in at our CAD CAM R2V site where you can automatically upload your files and download the converted project to save you time.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Price and Purchase Contex IQ 24 ScanStation2GO, IQ 24 ScanStation2GO or SD 36 ScanStation2GO large format scanners now or call us at 1-800-938-SCAN or email us at [email protected] for additional information.

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