Professional GIS Services

Why we can be your best choice?

  • Strength in numbers – With a team of 250+ well-experienced GIS analysts and technicians always at your disposal, you never have to worry about any size of a GIS project, with the fastest turnaround time
  • First Time Right – We know that our services are uncompromising and prices are unbeatable, our team can most effectively adopt any work process based on your specifications.

What we offer

  • All kinds of Municipal Assets & Utilities such as Buildings, Trees, Traffic signs/signals, street furniture, road pavements and markings, and many more
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Highway/City Road infrastructure Mapping
  • Custom GIS-based Software Applications for GIS data visualization/ capturing and mapping as per your specific requirements
  • Property Description COGO Mapping/Land parcel mapping
  • Utilities Classification & Mapping (Powerline/ Telecom/ Mining)
  • Bare earth/ground, Building, roads, Hydro, Vegetation Classification
  • Generation of DSM, DTM, TIN & contour Vectors
  • Mobile Mapping from MLS Point Cloud
  • City/ Highway assets capturing
  • HD Mapping for Autonomous Vehicles

Our LIDAR Data Processing Services and Recent Projects

o   20,000+ kms of Assets capturing from MLS point cloud

o   San Francisco entire city road asset HD mapping for US-based autonomous Vehicle Company

o   100,000+ Hectares of Impervious Surface mapping for Puerto Rico and other US State/local government projects

o   2700+ kms of all municipal assets captured for the city of Munich

o   3500+ kms of cadastral mapping of cities for house tax, wastewater discharge

o   Stormwater data capturing for wastewater discharge-city planning

o   3000+ kms every year Highway Rd asset inventory for cities of Germany and UK

o   4000+ kms of Road condition assessment for Swiss and German cities

o   50,000+ kms every year of Lidar data classification for Powerline and Ground Data

o   3,200,000+ hectares of forest land COGO mapped from legal description documents

o   2,000,000+ parcels mapped with APN attribution from Scanned maps

o   3D video viewer with road asset capturing functionalities to manage and analyze more than 2000 kms of Road condition assessment Video data

We can also work on your data online on cloud servers, always ready to share your overflow of work, with fast turnaround. We look forward to hearing about your geospatial services needs and working with your team to provide state of the art, yet cost-effective solutions.
Contact us if you have any queries or concerns and our services are of your interest.