Computational Fluid Dynamics Service

Computational Fluid Dynamic Services

Our engineering experts will help you predict and control fluid flow. By optimizing the efficiency of your products and processes, you can have confidence that your product will perform optimally before you make the first prototype.

We’ll help you determine:

  • the combustion of gases in an automobile engine
  • the movement of a chemical solution through pores in a shale gas formation
  • the complex passage of air through a jet engine turbine
  • the transfer of heat among components of a printed circuit board
  • and similar types of fluid dynamics

We work in all of these applications:

Heat Transfer                   Particle Flows and Multiphase Particle Flows                                   Free Surface Flows                                Dispursed Multiphase Flows
Heat Transfer                 Particle flows and                             Free Surface Flows                   Dispersed Multiphase Flows
                                         multiphase particle flows
Reacting Flows                   Turbomachinaeray                               Shape Optimization                                  High Rheology Material
Reacting Flows                Turbomachinery                     Shape Optimization                    High Rheology Material
HPC fluids                    Fluid Structure Interaction                                     Electro Thermal Interaction                                  Thermal FSI
HPC fluids                         Fluid-Structure Interaction          Electro Thermal Interaction            Thermal FSI
Aircraft Icing
Aircraft Icing
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