Contract CAD Services

Hire professional high-end CAD experts today!

Looking for fresh ideas? Need to resolve an unusual issue? Scrambling to fulfill critical positions due to unexpected work peaks, staff shortages, or a lack of expertise?

If you work in:

  • Dassault – Catia
  • Siemens – NX
  • PTC – Creo
  • Dassault – Solidworks
  • Autodesk – AutoCAD, Inventor, Fusion 360, Revit
  • ESRI – ArcGIS

Hire our certified professionals! We can provide lightning-speed turnaround times for any project scale.

Contract our experienced specialists

We can help. As a 32-year old business – business (B2B) professional CAD services, we provide a minimum of 5-years of experience in each of the major CAD systems – with professional certifications. Much of our business is under non-disclosures for the Federal Government, Aerospace, and Military Tier One Prime contractors. We are 100% compliant, vetted, proven, and, best of all – experienced. There is no training or ramp-up time required. CAD / CAM Services has been around for 32-years and staffed with mostly real engineers – we are not going anywhere.

How hard has it been to find expert help in Catia – NX – and Creo? Somebody, who already understand complex assemblies? Somebody who is in and out of 3D Experience, Siemens PLM, Windchill, and Vault every day?

We already understand K-factors. Aerospace joggles, unfolding 3D models for proper shop floor drawings, 5G, Homeland Security PPD-21, and so much more.

Common projects include:

  • 3D scanning and products
    • 3D scanning services, including CT scanning.
  • 3D CAD Engineering with Catia. Siemens NX, Creo, and Solidworks
    • We support most Catia Workbenches
    • Composites design using FiberSim
    • Wire layout design using Apollo Capital
    • Freeform design
    • Sheet metal design
    • Mold design
    • Ansys and Comsol simulation
    • Generative Design
    • Mylar to 3D Designs and Assemblies
    • Accuracy to ±.005″ and better
    • AS9102 accreditation and support
  • Additive Manufacturing
    • 3D printing services, including metal
    • 3D Print optimation with Materialize
  • Critical Infrastructure projects
    • 3D scanning of entire plants into 3D CAD
    • Large legacy conversion projects to 2D and 3D CAD

Typical CAD price based on 160 hours a month @ 12 months starting from $20/hr depending

  • Dassault – Catia
  • Siemens – NX
  • PTC – Creo
  • Dassault – Solidworks
  • Autodesk –
    • AutoCAD
    • Fusion 360, BIM Revit
  • ESRI – GIS

For this price you get service with:

  • Certified professionals
  • No taxes
  • No payrolls
  • No need for micromanagement

*Please contact us for 6-month or quarterly contracts.
**A six-month billing contract add + 10%. A quarterly contract + 20%.
***For onsite, ITAR, or Classified work, these rates will change.

Two key advantages
A ± 10% work swing with fixed pricing.

  • We all have workloads that change. This swing allows you to have flexibility in your workload. If you don’t need quite as much for one month, or the next month you need a little more – you are covered.
  • Our variable workload saves you time, worry, and money.
    Faster turnaround.
  • Again, some months you have to turn around much faster.
  • Why not have two people for two weeks, vs. one for a month? Your work is turned around 2X faster!

Here are the types of experts we readily have on hand for staffing solutions:

  • CAD experts
  • FEA engineers
  • Electrical engineers and technicians
  • Reverse engineering specialists
  • Advanced surface modelers
  • Industrial designers

All of our work is backed by our exclusive guarantee:
CAD / CAM Services delivers only one type of CAD Service
Cad Perfect® and Cad Perfect CAD Conversion®
If you are not happy with something we do, we make it right immediately. And with our years of experience, not once has this been a problem.

Call CAD / CAM Services today. Do you need more? Do you need something less?
Do you need this adjusted?
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