CAD/CAM Services are the Best Choice for CAD Translation

Adapting CAD modeling data for CAM is not always a seamless process. Often, precise technical drawings and CAD translations are required for consistency and ease of use. Translating CAD and technical drawings effectively take skill, precision, and attention to detail, things that CAD/CAM services can provide.

Why Choose CAD/CAM Services for CAD Translation

Not always a seamless process, adapting CAD modeling for CAM can result in time-consuming manual repairs if there are even small inaccuracies in file translation. Therefore, it is important to translate CAD and technical drawings in a way which ensures consistency and ease of use.

But, that is easier said than done simply because translating CAD and technical drawings to produce them in the same way as the original drawings and diagrams take skills, precision, and attention to detail. The good news is that CAD/CAM services can provide you with all these things, which makes them the best choice for CAD translation.

CAD/CAM services can translate CAD and technical drawings for you with the help of their technical experts with extensive experience in the field. The key to translating CAD and technical drawings effectively is choosing an experienced and professional translation service for CAD. CAD/CAM services are exactly that.

You may be wondering why it is important to choose an experienced and professional translation service for CAD? Well, here’s the answer to that. If the translated data is inaccurate, designs may fail to meet manufacturing requirements, increasing the difficulty in cutting the mold or resulting in bad mold configurations that build in extra cycle time, loss of part strength or failure to meet tolerances.

Why CAD/CAM Services is the Best Choice for Translating CAD Drawings

CAD/CAM services are a professional company that specializes in CAD and technical drawing translations. CAD/CAM services understand the importance of accuracy and precision and deliver clear and concise translations time and time again. Moreover, CAD/CAM services use only specialist technical translators with relevant industry knowledge for the job. Following are some other reasons to choose CAD/CAM services for CAD translation:

  • Get your CAD and technical drawings accurately translated
  • Translate CAD models to polygonal, neutral, and native formats
  • CAD/CAM services can handle most CAD formats and will provide the translated documents back in the same format as the original
  • CAD/CAM services provide translations to and from any language
  • CAD/CAM services can compare revisions so you know exactly what changes before you cut steel
  • Timely delivery

There are many more reasons to choose CAD/CAM services for CAD translation. We are a high-end CAD conversion and 3D scanning company experienced in CAD modeling, 3D scanning, SolidWorks, UG NX and CATIA drafting. For more information and to get feedback on your project, please contact us.  Our friendly experts will be more than happy to help you and provide you with a project quote.


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