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Turn your ideas into great 3D models using a trusted 3D modelling service built just for you and your business.

A great 3D model is more than just a design. It is a way to create the perfect blueprint that sets the tone for every new project you embark on. And as a business owner, ensuring that your development team understands the direction a creative project intends to follow is your duty.

While ours at CAD-CAM services is modelling the adaptive 3D models customized to meet your business’s exact needs. Using the latest computer-aided design tools and applying the quality assurance standards relative to your industry. This we have done for over 30 years across a variety of industries including—the automotive, aeronautics, shipbuilding and construction industries.

Collaborative 3D Modelling with CAD-CAM Services

What makes outsourcing your 3D modelling projects to CAD-CAM great? Our collaborative approach to creativity! At CAD-CAM, our 3D modelling services are built around you. So, if you have rough drafts, sketches or a concept that’s only in your head, it will form the basis of our 3D modelling effort.

Your idea is the engine room of the modelling process. This is the major reason why we ensure that you are involved with the 3D modelling process right from the beginning. Do you have an idea you need analysed in detail? Start chatting with a representative

Enhance Your Creative Process

Sounding out 3D modelling ideas with experienced professionals is the best way to refine your creative process. Imagine the creative input 30-year veterans of the 3D modelling industry can bring to your project. This is what CAD-CAM services is all about; helping you refine your ideas and developing functional 3D models from them. Our modelling experience in your industry means we know the best practices needed to develop your ideas according to your industry’s standards.

We also know when certain design tools and methodologies should be applied to make your designs both aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and functional to use. Our customized 3D modelling services gives you and your staff the freedom to focus on the other important aspects of your business. So, let us simplify the creative process for your products and service.

Is this Your Industry?

We know how important it is to you that the important aspects of your business are handled with the professionalism they deserve. This is why we have committed 3D modelling professionals with the experience needed to support your creative efforts in these industries.


You can take advantage of our proficiency with CATIA and Creo to develop 3D models for your projects.

Automotive Engineering

We help OEMs create 3D models for innovative automobile components and tools.


Our experienced 3D modelling professionals can apply smart parametric modelling in your projects.

Manufacturing and Industrial Design

Our knowledge of SolidWorks and other CAD application will help you develop aesthetic yet functional hardware for your products

Reap the Rewards

CAD-CAM 3D modelling services give you the tools you need to work with when designing for your industry. These tools are the customized 3D models we develop according to your chosen design specifications and requirements. You can also choose to receive the end product of our 3D modelling efforts in your preferred file format.

Most industries make use of specific file formats when designing and sharing 3D models. At CAD-CAM services, we know the format for your industry and will deliver your industrial-grade 3D models using the right file format. This will help you simplify any collaborative processes that require multiple parties working on the same project.

How we Work for You

Engaging us for our 3D modelling services is as easy as ringing a doorbell. All you need to do to kick-start the process is contacting any of our representatives using the diverse options we have provided. And we will do the heavy lifting.

On contacting us, a customized work-plan will be created just for you. This will include the details of your 3D modelling project, what you want us to achieve, our quote, and the time duration needed to deliver your files. The work-plan forms the framework needed to integrate you into the collaborative effort of modelling your ideas.

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Leading OEMs such as Boeing and the US Navy have entrusted us with the development of their 3D modelling projects for 30+ years. Therefore, putting your trust in us will help your business save more time and money during its creative cycle.

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