High end 3D modeling software often used in the auto & aerospace industry. Owned by Siemens made by Unigraphics.

Call us if you have a need additional help with an NX design or simulation issue. We can help!

Do have a Solidworks Design Problem? Our team of Solidworks experts can create 3D models for your Heavy Manufacturing. We use Solidworks for Scanning & Mesh Creation, Reverse Engineering, and all types of CAD Modeling Projects.

Have a CATIA 3D Modeling issue?

Our in-house CATIA modeling experts can help you solve the most complex CATIA requirements that you might have. ]

We use native CATIA v5 or v6.

High end 3D CAD software for the ultimate in 3D assembly work.

Call on our team of experts if you have an pressing 3D assembly project that you need to get done now.

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