What are CAD Services?

In general, CAD Services is a group of activities related to Computer Aided Design that are offered on an outsource basis.  These services can encompass activities ranging from simple CAD drafting to sophisticated BIM (Building Information Management) translations and everything in between.   Some CAD Service organizations specialize in services related to one specific CAD software, such as AutoCAD or MicroStation.   Other CAD service organizations are more generic in their approach, offering generalized CAD Conversion Services, like converting paper drawings to CAD via large format scanning and raster to vector conversion.   In this post, we’ll explore what you can expect when your request these various CAD Services.CAD Conversion Services

CAD Conversion Services

CAD Conversion is a broad category that includes scan-to-cad (paper to CAD conversion), raster to vector conversion,  and CAD Perfect®Conversion.  Any company who bills itself as a CAD Conversion Service company should be able to convert almost any CAD file to any CAD file and should be able to support most raster file formats as well.

CAD Drafting Services

Computer Aided Design software we used to make a variety of design tasks more efficient.   CAD software allows architects and other types of design engineers to bring ideas from concept to completion rapidly.  While CAD software does not entirely replace traditional drafting techniques, it generally does reduce the amount of time necessary to complete a design plan.   Any company that offers CAD Drafting Services, should, therefore, have experts available who are able to competently use the type of CAD software you prefer, and also be experts at traditional drafting techniques.

Because of its versatility, CAD software may be used in the design of anything from a tiny machine part to a large building.   If you are going to use a CAD drafting service to enhance your in-house CAD drafting and design, it is important that you make sure that the CAD Drafting Service that you hire has experience with the type of design that you do.  So, if you’re designing that tiny machine part, you probably want to make sure that the CAD drafting service you’re hiring has mechanical drafters on staff.  While, if you’re designing a large building, architectural drafters are a must.

You will also need to consider whether you need a CAD drafting service with 2D drafting experience, i.e., curve creation, point construction, rotating, scaling; or 3 Dimensional (3D) Drafting for the creation of solids, such as machine parts, bridges, and buildings.  It may be that you need a CAD drafting service that can add or subtract volume from geometric forms, such as cylinders or spheres, thereby going back and forth between 2D drawings and 3D models.

CAD Translations

CAD translation simply means converting one type of CAD file to some other type of CAD file. It’s important that the CAD translation service that you choose is able to read your data from any medium — PC’s, Mac, Reel tape, 4 & 8 mm TAR tape, zip drives, etc.  It is equally important that the CAD translation service has experience with various CAD file types so that they can make accurate translations from one type of CAD software to another.

CAD Conversion for GIS ServicesCAD Conversion for GIS Services

CAD Conversion for mapping and GIS (Geographic Information System) is a specialty subset of CAD Services.  GIS CAD conversions require specialized knowledge of mapping and GIS.  At their core, CAD and GIS are complementary technologies that have evolved largely independently over the past 30 years.   Therefore, it is imperative that any CAD/GIS conversion service understands the linkages between CAD and GIS systems as well as how CAD data can be used as GIS content.

Generally, CAD/GIS requires better tools for organization of CAD data and a larger, more useful set of symbols for representing CAD information. In addition,  any CAD/GIS conversion service should use an accepted framework for georeferencing CAD data so it can be used in many types of applications and by a wide range of professionals.

CAD Consultancy Services

In general, all of the CAD Services discussed above are part of CAD Consultancy services, which simply means making use of expert CAD consultants to save time and money by outsourcing to trusted professional CAD services.


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