When it comes to the Reverse engineering of tools and dies, few companies can do a better job than the good people at CAD, CAM Services

Thanks to CAD / CAM’s state of the art 3D scanning processes, it is now more of a cinch to effectively reverse engineer both tools and dies, and thereby enhance the already rapid tooling processes for just about any company, product, or for that matter, even design an entirely new product. Reverse engineering tools and dies are considered to be a singularly cost-effective method because both precision and accuracy are directly inbuilt into the very process right from the start all the to the finish.  First and foremost, the part is 3D scanned, then its physical attributes are captured and turned into data. It is then clearly defined and shortly afterward the component is created. This is a very high-quality process and it uses tool designs, build qualities and a certain amount of qualification to get the job done, and done right, the very first time over.

The inherent advantages of reverse engineering of tools and dies

There are many benefits of reverse engineering various types of tools and dies. Let us take a look at a few of them.

  • Fast Speed

When you already have an existing part in your hands, beforehand, all you have to do is to start with 3D Scan the same and capture all of its main data points. This process speeds up the whole redesign procedure considerably. And the faster your parts are made, the faster will your machinery start working and you can go right back to getting your products to the market a whole lot faster as well. This means that your shelf space will never be compromised at all.

In fact, for those companies with a really short window of time, it is possible to start and complete the whole process, literally within a few hours as well. And even if the original drawings and blueprints are long gone, it is still possible to 3D scan the part, and the inherent accuracy of the 3D scanning method per se will do the rest.

  • Easy to both update and subsequently redesign as well

Though reverse engineering it is very much possible to scan the preliminary models as well as prototypes of the existing products. That is to say that once all the data has been digitally scanned, it will be quite possible to create a realistic scale sized model the 3D CAD program that will be best suitable for the task at hand. Then, it will be all the easier to both update or redesign as and when needed.

  • Overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Not only is the entire process is highly cost-effective, but it is also highly efficient at the same time. Once the part has been captured and defined, 3d printing it is the next logical part of the whole process so that you are up and running in no time.

We at CAD / CAM services excel at reverse engineering various tools and dies.


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