Your design team is probably very proud of its products and not inclined to share drawings or its process with anyone outside the company – or maybe, not even outside of the engineering department. That’s normal.Outsourcing

But it’s also normal to need to expand a product line quickly or to spend maddening hours redesigning or retrofitting existing products for certain customers or markets.That’s when temporary drafting services can make everyone’s job easier.

Designing on Impossible Deadlines

Reliable outsource companies can provide dedicated engineers and architects who have experience in virtually all CAD / CAM software, and who treat each project with the professional attention.  When you use a professional outsource form, they understand the confidential nature of their customers’ engineering drawings. And as designers who have been under the gun to deliver projects in tight timeframes, they meet our customers’ deadlines.  Today’s engineering design teams have more tools available than ever before. While many “outsiders” think 3D printers and increasingly sophisticated modeling programs should speed up the product development cycle, the fact is engineers still need to work through myriad challenges before a product – even a “simple redesign” – is ready for production.

Having the assistance of a temporary drafting service during new product development or redesign can reduce the burden on your core team of engineers, freeing them to focus on resolving some of those issues before moving to production.

Your Customers and Your Budget Will Thank You

If you’re approaching a new product development or redesign, the time to consider using a temporary drafting and engineering outsourcing service is in the planning process, so that you can incorporate the flexibility and scalability of an outsourced professional team into your planning.  This can help you maximize your budget and move to market faster with a quality product.


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