How Resellers Can Sell CAD Conversion Service Packages and Make $

CAD CAM Services, Inc. has begun packaging its 3D CAD Conversion Services to sell through Reprographics Shops, 3D Printer Resellers, and 3D Printer Manufacturers.

While Repro Shops, Resellers, and Manufacturers may have some 3D CAD conversion capabilities or plan to develop their own 3D CAD conversion team, selling a 3D CAD Conversion package will enable them to augment their internal capabilities quickly or scale as needed.

Why this is Important

Any company who sells 3D printers or 3D printing services realizes the importance of file preparation in order to ensure that the printed model is accurate. You can’t just print a 3D CAD file.  In fact, it can be quite difficult to make traditional cad files ready for 3D printing. The process can be time-consuming, labor-intensive and in some cases impossible.This is because, a typical file, when first exported from a CAD format to an STL format (WRL for files with colors and textures maps), often has a variety of problems.  These issues, which some refer to as not being “watertight”, include objects such as gaps, shared edges, inverted normal, non-volumetric geometry, small features and other unprintable geometry. Making matters worse, thicknesses created when making a scaled model are often too thin to print. The challenges along with limited time and resources are too often the reason for not printing in 3D, especially for those wanting to make scaled models and scaled prototypes.

How to Fix 3D Printing Problems

CAD CAM Services offers a way to ensure that you (or your customer) prints an accurate model right away!  By specializing in preparing CAD files for 3D printing CAD CAM Services has developed a variety of workflow options that make it fast and efficient.  One option is remodeling or redrawing CAD mainly for the purposes of 3D printing. This is an effort almost equal to creating the original design in the first place.

Another option is the use of specialized software tools and training that enables the outsource service to repair most of the issues.  One especially difficult issues are the control of fine details or undefined thicknesses so that the model prints correctly and looks right.  This detail alone can be a major challenge.  But, a 3D Conversion Service Package assures that all entities of the model will print on a selected 3D printer.

By supporting and processing a large variety of 3D file formats, such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor and SketchUp, CAD CAM Services understands and is familiar with virtually any 3D printer that the print will be made on.

“CAD-CAM Service’s expert 3D technicians and engineers fill in gaps in skill as those 3D capabilities are developing,” said Scott Shuppert, President of CAD CAM Services, Inc., “while capturing the immediate revenue that comes from the package sale.”

“It can be very painful to build out an effective 3D CAD Conversion services business,” Shuppert said. “If you hire ahead of the curve, you could lose a lot of money, but if you wait, you could be letting potential customers find another conversion source.”

In addition to filling gaps in skills, 3D solution providers will be able to extend their geographical reach by selling 3D CAD Conversion packages via their websites or e-commerce sites.  CAD CAM Services believes that the end goal is always to take care of the customer.


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