How Reprographics Shops Can Provide R2V Service

One of the problems that many smaller reprographics shops have is the inability to offer multiple services requiring highly skilled personnel.  Frequently, this causes smaller repro shops to specialize in one or two services and inhibits their ability compete effectively with larger shops.multiple services

Now, a new web-based service, Repro R2V can be added to a repro shop’s website via a simple-to-install link to the Repro R2V portal, enabling any repro shop to offer sophisticated and exacting raster to vector conversion services.  The raster to vector conversion service is provided by CAD / CAM Services, a U.S. based company of certified CAD engineers.

This service functions as a tool which enables smaller shops to compete with companies who offer more advanced services.  Repro R2Vprovides a seamless outsource service directly from a link on any Repro shop ’s website.  The web link leads to a fully operational self-serve website where the Repro shop’s customers can upload files for conversion and get nearly instantaneous quotes as well as fast conversion service, once the quote is accepted by the customer.

In return for offering the linked service on their website, the reprographics firm receives a payment of 10% of the total job cost for every R2V project submitted via their website.  The reprographics shop can log into their Repro R2V account at any time and see how many of their customers have submitted jobs, the status of the jobs, and what monies they are earning via the linked service.   The generic link to Repro R2V is provided free by CAD / CAM Services, however for reprographic shops who want to mirror the look of their own website on their Repro R2V account CAD / CAM Services will provide a privately branded Repro R2Vlogin page for a small branding fee of $199, which is refundable if the reprographics shop generates $1,000 per month of raster to vector conversion business via the portal link from their website.  Importantly, CAD / CAM Services stays completely behind the scenes, so from the customer’s perspective, it looks like a service provided directly by the reprographics shop.

How Repro R2V Works

  • Participating repro shops include a link to the ReproR2V portal on their website
  • Their customers create an account and upload their scanned, raster files for conversion
  • CAD / CAM Services provides a quotation for the conversion project (in most cases this is an automatic process)
  • Customer accepts quotation
  • CAD / CAM Services engineers convert the files into true Cad Perfect® editable CAD files and upload the files in the customers’ native CAD file format
  • Customer pays online prior to downloading the converted files
  • Reprographics shop gets paid 10% of the total cost for every R2V job that their website generates
  • Reprographics shop  can log in at any time to see how many jobs are in the process, how many have been invoiced, and how much money they’re due to be paid
  • Reprographics shop chooses how frequently they want to be paid…monthly or quarterly.

CAD / CAM Services provides marketing materials to participating reprographics shops, including a “roll-out” e-mail announcement that participating reprographics shops can send to their customers as soon as the Repro R2V portal is active on their website.


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