Engineer drawings are very important when building pretty much anything. The designer, through this vital document, communicates everything a builder needs to know about the design. But a builder can easily understand an engineering drawing just as he can a computer drawing; but here are some beneficial explanations of why converting engineering drawings into CAD is a must.Engineer drawings


Revisions on CAD can be two to eight times faster than revising the original copy. By converting your files into vector files instead of raster files, you will no longer need to check your revisions by switching back and forth from the old piece to the revised product. This will save you tons of time when it comes to revisions. By converting, you will also be able to use the full capabilities of the CAD to revise your work. It will be just as good, if not more accurate, than revising any other way.

Cost and Storage

All those stacks and stacks of drawings and papers you have need to go somewhere. Instead of bulky filing cabinets or leaning towers of paper, all your drawings can be easily stored on a jump drive smaller than your finger. Don’t waste your money on buying new cabinets or large storage organizers to keep your papers safe, instead buy a small jump drive that will hold all of your drawings and more. Nowadays, jump drives can hold of 250 gigabytes of storage. That size of jump drive can store almost 60,000 pages and 9,000 format drawings.

Accessibility and Clarity

Converting your drawings to CAD will ensure your design and dimensions are as clear as day to others. No more “is that a 5 or an 8?” A computer will show everything clearly with the correct document proportions. You will now be able to share your entire collection of documents right through the Internet. A quick email with a revised drawing will get the job done fast.

These are just a few reasons why converting engineering drawings into CAD is a great idea. It allows for quick and easy revisions, it is low-cost and minimal storage space needed, and your drawings will be easy to access and share.

If you are interested in converting your drawings into CAD, contact us today.

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