There are various methods and programs that exist to convert raster images into usable vectors. Many of them try to assert that an instant conversion is entirely usable for any job and that more complicated or hands-on processes only waste time. It is a tempting idea, and one that many individuals fall into, who are only rewarded with sub-par vectors that are not as high in quality as they could be. CAD / CAM Services Inc., meanwhile, know exactly what does into raster to vector conversion, and has prepared to handle each job expertly.Raster To Vector Conversion

To understand why this is, there are several things about raster and vector images that are essential to know about.

Let’s start with the basics. Different colored pixels compose raster images. Converting raster images to vectors means that you are taking a pixellated image and turning it into an image composed of mathematical formulas. Vector images are by far preferable when it comes to resizing and editing the image because it retains quality better. However, in order to get a good vector file, you need to start with a good raster file.

That is why the conversion process needs to consist of more than just selecting the file and clicking a button. In order to get the highest quality vectors, you have to start with high quality and maintain it throughout the process of conversion. This is an idea that CAD / CAM Services Inc. understands with confidence.


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