R2V Services for GIS and CAD Help Keep Miners Safe

In the mining industry, it’s necessary for geologists to map coal beds in order to provide mining companies with accurate information.  This includes accurate mapping of old mines that may be located under or close to an active mine site. Knowing exactly where these old mines are located is important to miner safety. Old mines can be full of gas and water. It can be disastrous for an active mining project to inadvertently tap into one of these old mines. The new mine can rapidly become full of noxious gas or rapidly flooded with water causing injuries and loss of life.mining industry

One of the major problems that geologists run into is the difficulty of bringing paper maps of the old mines into today’s modern CAD systems.  Often times this requires many man hours for draftsmen to digitize the maps.   There are hatch marks and contour lines on mine maps that make the digitizing process very labor intensive.  This is where a service company that specializes in R2V services for GIS and CAD can save many man-hours. For example, one West Virginia, Kelly Surveying, is involved in a project to provide miners with accurate survey information for their mining projects.   Many of the maps that must be converted to AutoCAD are torn, stained, discolored and hard to read.

“These maps have to be accurately scanned, cleaned up, and then converted,” says Kenneth Kelly.   “We found that by using an R2V service, specifically, CAD / CAM Services and their CAD Perfect™ conversion our costs are lower, the conversion is done much more quickly and the accuracy is amazing. We’re very satisfied.”

CAD / CAM R2V services have a proprietary process that enables them to create a “CAD Perfect™” conversion quickly and inexpensively. With +/- .005″ accuracy, the reproduced maps look like exact copies of the originals, only clean, legible and easier to read. According to Kenneth Kelly, the product that he gets back from CAD / CAM is so perfect that he and his staff are able to reproduce the maps, use the reproductions in the field, locate common surface features such as gas wells, ventilation shafts or other common points and reference into their Geographic Information System (GIS). In addition, Kenneth says that the turnaround time from CAD / CAM is very fast.

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